4 Best Adult Board Games to Play at the Beach

What are the best board games for the beach? Dungeons and Dragons Gloomhaven Azul Game of the Generals   There are plenty of activities to do at the beach. You can simply lounge on the beach shore with a bottle of beer on hand or perform freediving activities. If at some point you feel like […]

Minimalist Backpacking Guide for Your Next Beach Vacation

What are some ways to pack lightly for a beach vacation? Make an Inventory List Evaluate Each Item in the List Assess Your Willingness to Do Laundry Pack Clothes That Can Be Worn Twice Repack Liquid Essentials   From decluttering closets to living in tiny and sustainable homes, minimalism has become a huge trend around […]

Beach Day Skin Care Routine You Must Try

What are some effective beach skincare routines? Facial Cleanser Antioxidant Serum Body Sunscreen Lip Moisturizer Scrub Exfoliant   Heading to the beach for a day or two? Make sure to pack your skincare essentials to remain radiant after being exposed to the heat of the sun. Regardless of whether you are only staying at a […]

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