How Can You Reassure Your Guests During COVID-19?

What can you do to reassure your guests during COVID-19?

  1. Use a structured statement
  2. List safety precautions
  3. Keep them informed
  4. Distribute hand sanitizers


There hasn’t been a shortage of COVID-19-related developments in the news. During the early stages of the pandemic, the accommodation industry has had to think about ways of how they can adapt to the unfolding situation. Subsequently, people who find themselves staying in these kinds of spaces, whether it be hotels or beach resorts, may feel some degree of panic. Safety is at the forefront of both hotel managers and the guests. The former is undoubtedly asking themselves the question of how to reassure guests during COVID-19 as a way of making them feel safe despite the circumstances.

Guests take more comfort in the fact that accommodation providers are equipped to deal with this kind of crisis. They need to ensure that the management is maximizing their resources in helping keep the customers safe while they’re on the premises. Continue reading to learn about the most effective ways of making this possible for both the beach resort and its guests.


Use a structured statement

First and foremost, you’d want to relay information to your guests that you’re capable of making the necessary changes to help them deal with this type of situation. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to draft up a structured statement that clearly lists your action plans for the guests.

For example, your guests’ reservation statuses hang in the balance, so the beach resort’s statement should be able to list down the concrete measures you can do to make the necessary changes to this aspect. Including this in your statement ensures the guests that the management is committed to prioritizing them, as well as, looking out for their welfare and safety.

A statement would be effective only if it is distributed to the proper avenues and channels where your guests would be able to view them. You can start by including a banner on your website or uploading it on all your resort’s social media platforms. Since not everyone may necessarily have access to these platforms, another effective way of communicating your statement is by putting up banners and flyers around the resort premises.


List safety precautions

White Medical Mask With Shells On An Oboe Background. Copy Space. The Concept Of Summer In The Context Of The Coronavirus Pandemic.

As mentioned before, safety should always belong to the top of the fore. Another way to reassure your resort’s guests around this time is by communicating with them a comprehensive list of safety precautions you will undertake in the establishment.

When drafting up this piece of information, you want the highest level of transparency possible. For example, you may want to make a list of the different cleaning products which your cleaning and maintenance staff are using. The guests would also want to know the specific measures being taken to clean common areas such as recreation rooms, exercise rooms, swimming pools, lounges, and the like.

More importantly, the management should also be transparent when it comes to disclosing sensitive information regarding confirmed cases of the virus at the hotels. This is so everyone in the area would be able to practice proper social distancing.


Keep them informed

Keeping your guests informed and up-to-date regarding any COVID-19 related development should also be on the list of your resort management’s priorities. You should be able to deliver to them timely information, whether it be through a public address system.

In conjunction with this, make sure any peripheral which may be useful for your guests in being informed with the news is working in perfect order. For example, the Wi-Fi connection in each room should be reliable enough for them to be able to stay in communication with their loved ones. The same should also apply to any telephone lines in the room. Television sets too should be well-functioning for the guests to be able to keep abreast of any development related to COVID-19.


Distribute hand sanitizers

Distribute Hand Sanitizers

Your resort should also see to it that the guests have access to items such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants, alcohol wipes, and the like. In distributing these to them, make sure both parties practice proper social distancing techniques as also another way of protecting themselves against the virus.

The best way to arrange a contactless distribution method is to have the room service staff leave these particular items at the door of the guests for both their safety.


Key Takeaway

If you’re managing a beach resort, the best piece of advice on how to reassure guests during COVID-19 is to ensure you’re thinking about their safety.

With measures such as keeping a stable line of communication between you and your guests, handing out hand sanitizers, and keeping them informed, they may be able to ease some of their worries regarding the pandemic while remaining on the premises.

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