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Your Rest House


The House, as we’d like to call it, was originally built as a rest house of the family where we used to spend weekends watching the sun set. It was our home by the countryside, where we were afforded with the best front row seats to creation’s best.

Quaint and intimate at thirteen suites, each room is as unique as the resort. All exude a sense of openness without sacrificing privacy, with picturesque views of the sea and the sunset, floor-to-ceiling windows, and leaning verandas. We built this slice of heaven by the sea to complement the nature around it, not to obstruct or destroy.

We have filled it with memories – more than we can imagine. Now we share it with you – welcome. Make your own memories, make them count.


A breather from the hustle and bustle of the metro, Batangas’ proximity to Manila makes it an idyllic getaway spot. Batangas is a popular tourist destination offering diverse sights and experience from the world-famous smallest volcano, Taal Volcano, the heritage town of Taal, and the many beaches and diving spots all over the province.

It only takes a 2-hour drive to get to paradise from Manila.

Anilao and our shore

Anilao boasts of rocky shores, and clear blue waters. This is every dive photographer’s haven.

A few meters from the resort’s shoreline is a majestic marine sanctuary. Kayak or snorkel your way through the coral reefs or see the clear and pristine turquoise waters from your suite’s veranda and you might be lucky enough to see the dolphins prancing in the sea.



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