Emergency Kit Must Haves for the Beach

What are the things you need for your beach emergency kit?

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Band-Aids and Gauze Pads
  3. Flashlight
  4. Hand-Sanitizer
  5. Pain Reliever Medications
  6. Insect Repellent
  7. Power Bank

Planning a trip can be all sorts of exciting. If you’re planning a barkada beach getaway, your friends might be blowing up your phone with the best beach venues near Manila. Or if you’re arranging a beach trip with your family, your parents may be inquiring about the best suite views a beach resort can offer. While these are all important, the most paramount, yet often forgotten part of planning is packing an emergency kit for the beach.

As you plan your next beach adventure with family or friends, make sure you have the right items in your prepackaged emergency kit to ensure that every joyous moment won’t get interrupted. We’ve rounded up the must-have items in your emergency kit to help get you out of trouble if something urgent comes up. Keep reading to know more!


It is quite obvious that anyone who goes to the beach needs sunscreen. In case you forgot, sunscreen protection is essential to protect you from sunburns. Too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause red and swollen blisters.

Protect your skin and pack a broad-spectrum sunscreen in every emergency kit you travel with. Ensure that it has both UVB and UVA protection. Apply it 20 minutes before you hit the beach for your fun-filled water activities like snorkeling and kayaking.

Don’t forget to reapply it at regular intervals as needed. Do this especially after paddling or swimming in the ocean. By doing so, you’re saving yourself from the possibility of painful skin blisters.

Band-Aids and Gauze Pads

A Two Medical Plasters Of Cross Shape On Neutral Background. Patches From Injury.

You will never know when an emergency may occur. Even the most careful person is not completely safe from accidents. In a beach setting, you might happen to get minor cuts from some extreme water sports activities.

It will be helpful to pack a small collection of Band-Aids (in different sizes), gauze pads, and tape. Store these in your emergency kit and use it to cover up all kinds of scrapes.



Having a durable and light flashlight is an important part of your emergency kit. This item comes in handy as it can give light when no other source is readily available. It is also much safer than lighted candles that can be a potential fire hazard.

You might be enjoying the luxuries amenities of your beach resort but you’ll never know when the weather will suddenly change in the middle of your vacation. If ever a storm or weather disaster strikes, there might be a power outage that lasts for hours. Use your flashlight to shine on wherever part of the beach resort you might be.



Hand Sanitizer

We are all facing unprecedented times because of the COVID-19 virus. But one thing’s for sure, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, we all need to sanitize our hands. Remember to carry a small hand sanitizer in your emergency kit.

If running water and soap is not present near you, you can simply take out your prepacked hand sanitizer and rub it on your hands. Keep everyone safe from infection with this effective method.


Pain Reliever Medications

It’s important to pack some basic pain medications that might come in handy. Some water activities may cause minor aches and pains. You might have been too excited and snorkeled around all-day with your friends to discover our country’s beautiful marine life or hopped around different islands with your family to get the most out of your beach getaway.

With a pain reliever ready in your emergency kit, you can easily combat pains such as severe sunburn or body aches.


Insect Repellent

Mother Spraying Insect Or Mosquito Repellents On Skin Girl, Mosquito Repellent For Babies, Toddlers That Will Protect Your Children From Mosquitoes And Other Insects

Once you are outdoors, all kinds of pests are in active mode. Pesky mosquitoes pose the threat of a number of diseases including malaria and dengue. It’s vital that you protect yourself. Be sure to bring an insect repellent to avoid getting bitten by different kinds of pests when you head down to the beach.


Power Bank

A beach getaway is all about making the best memories with the people you are with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family vacation or a beach trip with your closest friends. You all booked a trip to enjoy your resort’s beautiful surroundings, dine by the bay, and take advantage of all the luxurious amenities the beach resort offers.

Using your mobile phones and digital cameras, you will want to capture every moment. Having your gadget’s battery die in the middle of an Instagram-worthy shot will be really frustrating.

Make sure you pack an external source of power in your emergency kit. Never travel without a trusty power bank to ensure that every joyous memory with your loved ones is captured.

Key Takeaway

Pack your emergency kit for the beach with must-haves like a broad-spectrum sunscreen, band-aids of all sizes, flashlight, power bank, and many more. With these items, you can rest assured to have the best time during your beach trip without having to worry about how to handle emergencies.

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