5 Ways to Improve Room Delivery Services for Beach Resorts

What are the different ways to improve room delivery services in beach resorts?

  1. Maximize digital platforms
  2. Offer personalized customer service
  3. Opt for cashless payment systems
  4. Improve room amenities
  5. Coordinate with in-house services


Beach resorts are part of the industries that are preparing for the “new normal” brought about by the COVID-19 virus. These spaces would turn attention towards maintaining their respective environments clean, as well as keeping their customers safe. Aside from this, navigating a post-COVID-19 means making the necessary adjustments for customers. One of these is through improving the room delivery service experience.

Traditional methods of room delivery service may no longer be applicable due to the focus on social distancing. Beach resorts need to accommodate several changes and modifications to make the experience for their customers both safer and more efficient. Customers understand the need for these changes. They’re likely making simple adjustments in their own little ways as they begin making use of the many facilities and amenities in beach resorts. Continue reading to find out more.


Maximize digital platforms

Adjusting to the effects of COVID-19 means that beach resorts would have to maximize their digital platforms. Apart from creating innovations that can be tailor-fit for their spaces, they would also do well with improving upon their already-existing digital channels.

In particular, beach resorts can create easy-to-use online forms with a friendly user interface. Every time their customers would have to request for a product or service to be brought to their rooms, they wouldn’t have to make use of outdated technology such as telephones which can be faulty to a degree and potentially risky to use. These online forms or platforms should be comprehensive enough in that they’re able to thoroughly list all beach resort’s available products. From the comfort of their own laptops or mobile phones, customers can gain access to meals, sanitary materials or other complimentary items that they can have at their disposal.

By practicing this, customers would be able to experience a more convenient method of accessing everything that the resort facility has to offer, allowing them to improve their overall stay.


Offer personalized customer service

Female Hand Set Up White Bed Sheet In Bedroom

Beach resort managers are well aware that they’re housing a diverse pool of guests in their facilities. Managers are always considering the welfare and safety of everyone, especially when it comes to improving their experience in a post-COVID-19 accommodation landscape. Another way they can make the room delivery service better for their customers is to customize each service to meet their individual needs.

Guests need to feel like they’re valued by the resort. This can be done by investing in room delivery services that are efficient and are tailor-fit to the particular needs of the customer. For example, a customer may prefer a particular measure to be done with the way they receive their meals. Resorts need to be attentive to the needs of their guests in order for this to be made possible.


Opt for cashless payment systems

Cashless payment methods will undoubtedly become the standard after COVID-19. As such, beach resorts should not lag behind when it comes to adapting this technology for their delivery services. Cashless systems are efficient, safe, and widely available.

When ordering something from the convenience of their own rooms, the guests wouldn’t have to risk theirs and the staff’s safety through traditional payment methods. Transactions can be conducted instead through safe cashless avenues that are transparent, seamless, and won’t require direct physical contact with other people.

Improve room amenities

Young Hotel Maid Putting Bath Accessories In A Bathroom

Beach resorts managers are always regularly ensuring that their facilities and amenities are up to par. But it’s always easy to miss out on opportunities to improve the amenities in each room occupied by the guests.

To give another example, beach resorts are expecting that the Wi-Fi service or internet connectivity is always up to par. This can serve as one of the primary methods by which they can avail of the many services that the resort offers. A reliable Wi-Fi connection means that guests would also be able to enjoy a more comfortable stay in their rooms while keeping connected with hotel staff for any requests they may have.

Aside from the Wi-Fi service, resorts should always make it a point that the cleaning and maintenance service of each room is up to par. This helps guests rest easily in the knowledge that resort management is doing everything possible to give them an unforgettable experience.


Coordinate with in-house services

In-house services are valuable to every beach resort. Keeping this in mind, there’s no better way for these services to be fully accessible to the customers than for the management to maintain a constant stream of communication with these in-house services.

In-house restaurants are typically the kind of establishments available in beach resorts. They’re part of the beach resort experience, as they give the guests a glimpse of what the resort has to offer. Through freshly cooked meals containing only the finest ingredients, guests are able to truly indulge in their experience.

A well-coordinated resort management and in-house staff mean better room service and a more fulfilling stay for the guests.


Key Takeaway

Improving room delivery service means understanding the needs of your guests. If you’re part of beach resort management, you need to ensure that you wouldn’t fall short of meeting the needs of the customers.

Through simple ways such as personalization, taking advantage of cashless payment options, or simply just having better coordination with in-house services, each guest would have a more worthwhile experience.

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