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Forget Time

Whisper your worries into the sea and let the sun be your clock. It is our hope that you come in checking all remnants of city life at the door, as you bask in the calmness of the atmosphere. We come here to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and our success is in knowing that you seek the same. Your stay with us is all-inclusive, so all that is left to think about is what to eat and drink instead of where. Enjoy a fruit shake or a cocktail by the infinity pool facing the Maricaban islands, where the sun dips and paints the sky in pink and purple hues by nightfall.

Deadlines do not dictate your activities.
Take your cue from the sun and the moonlit sea.
At Vivere Azure, it is never too late nor too early.

Your personal haven

At Vivere Azure, we’ve made it possible for you to enjoy your break the way you want. Close enough to the city for a quick nature getaway, have your fill of whatever gives you comfort—from island hopping, diving, relax in your room, or simply lounging with a book by the water. 

Embrace the tranquil calm of nature at the Tree House with a beautiful view of the sunset. 




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