How You Can Have a Safer Beach Date after COVID-19

How can you have a safer beach date after COVID-19?

  1. Practice social distancing
  2. Don’t share utensils
  3. Have a supply of sanitary products
  4. Limit time spent in swimming
  5. Place physical barriers


As many establishments begin to reopen, business owners and managers have also been undergoing the necessary steps in order to accommodate drastic changes brought about by the COVID-19 virus. Managers of more public areas such as beach resorts and other accommodation facilities are also drafting up guidelines for the safety of both their employees and visitors. Knowing this, if you ever think about visiting such places in the future with your significant other, it’s important that you keep yourself abreast of how to have safer beach dates after COVID-19. Continue reading to learn more.


Practice social distancing

If you’re visiting the beach with your partner, it can be difficult to keep yourself from showing them a bit of physical affection. But from what has been said before, there is a need to keep both of you safe — practicing social distancing is still important even in beach date settings.

Apart from the most common way of social distancing — sitting at least six feet away from your partner, you should also ensure that the two of you are using separate blankets when sitting on the sands of the beach. It can be awkward in the beginning, but if you have both of your health and safety in mind, then it can eventually be a breeze for the two of you. After all, the sight of the beautiful waters before you and the feeling of the sun’s warmth on the skin cannot be taken away despite these physical restrictions.


Don’t share utensils

Plastic And Paper Utensils On Pink Background. Choosing Eco Friendly Utensils, Fighting Eco Disaster.

In-house restaurants in beach resorts may already begin opening at limited capacity. As such, they’ve already taken great care to ensure that their products can be safely consumed by the public without fear of contamination. They have taken the steps to ensure that they’re making use of food-safe packaging and clean utensils. You and your partner can do your part by avoiding instances of sharing utensils while on a date.

Make sure that each of you has brought your own durable utensils to use at the beach. As much as you want to be sweet around your partner, it’s important to follow this tip, especially in preventing cases of cross-contamination.


Have a supply of sanitary products

For creative partners, they may think about having a picnic date on the beach — complete with a picnic blanket, basket, packed lunch, and the works. Whether or not you’re having a picnic date with your partner, you should always make it a point to bring another container where all sanitary products can be placed.

This case can be a small, convenient pouch where you can place items such as hand sanitizers, isopropyl alcohol, wet wipes, and tissues – just to name a few. Having an extra set of these items is also useful when you and your partner are touching high-contact surfaces like food packaging or blankets.


Limit time spent in swimming

Blue Swimming Pool Rippled Water Detail

A beach date wouldn’t be complete without spending some time simply frolicking in the beautiful waters of the beach. Following beach guidelines, you and your partner can do your part by limiting the time both of you spend swimming.

COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets coming from coughs that may enter another person’s respiratory system. However, you would rest in the knowledge that there is a lack of evidence regarding the transmission of this virus through common-areas such as swimming pools and beach resorts. If you and your partner absolutely need to make use of this facility, make sure you’re both limiting the time you spend in them at around 30-minute intervals.


Place physical barriers

At first glance, placing physical barriers between you and your partner seems to defeat the entire purpose of having a beach date. Not quite — you can still make modifications to the kind of barriers that you place in order to have a worthwhile date experience.

Your barriers don’t necessarily have to completely prevent you and your partner from interacting with each other since you can still incorporate some functionality into it. For example, umbrellas can serve as good makeshift barriers. They can protect the two of you from the beating rays of the sun which can be really uncomfortable on the skin.

You can also choose other materials like thin blankets which you can suspend from sturdy twigs you can find lying around the beach. They offer both protection and the cool breeze from the sea.


Key Takeaway

Many of the activities that we’ve been able to do in the past need to be modified to adapt to a post-COVID-19 world.

Because of certain limitations, you may find that there are very few ways to have an enjoyable beach date with your partner. But with tips such as keeping a supply of sanitary products, social distancing, and using your own utensils, you and your partner can easily have safer beach dates after COVID-19.

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