3 Beach Activities for Your Family Bonding

What are the beach activities for your family bonding?

  1. Try Snorkeling or Free Diving
  2. Go Island-Hopping
  3. Visit The Resort’s Spa

More often than not, families plan for a beach getaway without a proper itinerary of activities to do on hand. Sure, taking a dip in the pool and building sandcastles by the shoreline is fun. But what’s stopping you from experiencing the most enjoyable beach activities for family bonding?

Buckle up for a 2-hour drive trip from Manila and arrive at a stunning prime beach resort in Batangas that boasts itself of the best beach activities, facilities, and amenities. At Vivere Azure, you will definitely be able to get the most out of your family getaway.

Here are three beach activities to reward your whole family during the next beach trip. Read on!

Try Snorkeling or Free Diving

Try Snorkeling Or Free Diving

Ever wondered how Philippine marine life looks up close? Try snorkeling at Vivere Azure! The beach resort is situated in the heart of Anilao, Batangas which is known for being a world-class diving spot in the country. There are a total of 20 diving spots sprawling in the area. It is very likely that you’ll come across the most magnificent sea creatures.

As you venture to the coast of Azure, you have the option to snorkel in shallow waters for a scenic diving experience or free dive to the deep to catch a glimpse of every fish species.

Snorkeling and free-diving are wonderful beach activities to bond with your family. Being underwater with your kids is an opportunity to disconnect from addictive gadgets and hectic city life. Reconnect with everyone by taking in the breathtaking views nature bestowed everyone with.

Gear up and bring your flippers, diving masks, wetsuits, and of course, your underwater cameras. Your family wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance to have a spectacular view of our country’s beautiful marine life.

Besides the sights underwater, everyone’s health will also benefit from these water activities. Snorkeling and free diving are beach agendas that are basically the ultimate full-body workout.

For snorkeling, you’ll be swimming in shallow waters using both arms and legs to paddle around. A few minutes of snorkeling can do wonders to strengthen muscles.

This is a highly enjoyable water activity wherein endorphins are released to elevate your moods. After this fun-filled activity, notice how your family looks a little more stress-free.

As for free diving, more effort must be exerted to overcome water buoyancy. Your hamstrings and core muscles will definitely be trained. People with anxiety will also benefit greatly from diving. Before going underwater, you will all be instructed to practice deep breathing techniques which promotes a calm mindset.

Go Island-Hopping

There’s no shortage of things to do while checking in on this little piece of paradise in Batangas. Aside from snorkeling and free diving, Vivere Azure also offers arrangements for island hopping tours.

Have the most unforgettable experiences with your family by visiting secluded islands near the beach resort. Once you reach your destination, you can swim around in the pristine white sand islands.

Try hiking to the highest points of mountains and catch sight of the beautiful golden hour sunset. Witness the magnificent beauty Batangas offers beside the people you love the most.

Remember to wear the right gear when booking an island-hopping adventure. Some isles are completely untouched which makes it a bare beauty. Using rubber shoes will be wise as there can be spiky rocks around the area.

Most importantly, get everyone to wear a swimsuit. You’ll never know when you can stumble upon majestic underwater caves.

Visit The Resort’s Spa

Visit The Resort’s Spa

After dining at alfresco restaurants that offer beautiful bay views and basking under the sun by swimming in the opulent infinity pool, end the night with the most peaceful activity at the beach resort.

We at Vivere Azure understand that every bonding time is an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones. For that reason, you can book the whole family for a spa visit. Call in to book a soothing side-by-side massage with your family and get ready to indulge in the most luxurious treatment yet.

Once your personal therapist guides you through the robe changing rooms, lay in the relaxing massage beds surrounded by ambient nature sounds. Everything in the spa will provide relaxation and detoxification.

Pamper yourself with the treatment’s luxurious rejuvenation process. Aromatherapy involves holistic healing techniques that will enhance the health of the body, mind, and spirit. The treatment makes use of aromatic essential oils. Your kids will definitely enjoy choosing the scent they want to use such as lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus.

Each essential oil provides a number of therapeutic benefits, including improved sleep patterns, reduced stress, and improved blood circulation. Truly, nothing beats sleeping in your posh suite when you come home from a tranquil aromatherapy session. Wake up to the ocean view feeling relaxed and pampered.

Key Takeaway

You will never find yourselves looking for things to do by visiting a top-notch beach resort. Create the most unforgettable memories with your family by trying out beach activities for family bonding such as snorkeling, free diving, island hopping, or having a relaxing aromatherapy treatment!

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