4 Strategies to Prepare Your Beach Resort After COVID-19

What are some strategies to prepare your beach resort after COVID-19?

  1. Attract millennials
  2. Invest in cloud technology
  3. Renovate and maintain
  4. Adopt social distancing protocols


Day in and out, people are constantly exposed to news relating to the COVID-19 virus. It’s not very often that people get exposed to any development which does not concern itself with the changing environment brought about by the pandemic. Many industries would undoubtedly have to rethink ways to keep themselves back up and running again as the restrictions finally ease. If you’re the manager, you may want to begin planning solid strategies to prepare your beach resort after COVID-19. You’d do well to prepare yourself with the influx of visitors making use of your resort facilities again.

Safely preparing your beach resort can be a difficult endeavor without knowing the best option to begin with. After all, resorts house many facilities and other amenities which would have to be modified to fit the “new normal”. Help your resort more safely adapt to the changing face of the industry through the several strategies below.


Attract millennials

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It need not be said, but people are itching to get out of their house after the COVID-19 virus ends, or as government authorities lax the restrictions regarding travel and movement. Keeping this in mind, your beach resort would surely take advantage of the number and density of millennials that would make use of your beach resort’s facilities. Targeting this large base of the country’s population is advantageous for you, as they’ll surely be the ones who would contribute to stimulating the beach resort economy.

Your beach resort would do well to take advantage of digital platforms such as social media in order to bolster your promotions regarding the beach resort. Millennials are all about finding ways to be productive while at the same time engaging in relaxing experiences. Your beach resort may want to promote how well its facilities and amenities do exactly just that. For example, the vibrant space of the rooms in the beach resort offers a relaxing view of the beach as well as the calming sounds of the waves splashing against the rocks. Coupled with the right promotion strategies, Millennials would surely want to book a room in this type of space.


Invest in cloud technology

On the management side, the COVID-19 virus has also inadvertently exposed how largely unequipped many industries in the country are when it comes to adapting to work-from-home setups. When beach resorts open, it’s not immediately viable to return to traditional setups in managing them. As such, another way for your beach resort to prepare is to invest in cloud technology.

Through a dedicated property management software, you’d be able to remotely control many aspects of your hotel’s operations without having to be physically present on-site. Cloud technology may also be useful when it comes to limiting the level of physical interaction between people, and your beach resort can use this when it comes to reducing contact between the guests and the concierges. To give another example, your resort wouldn’t have to completely rely on direct interactions when it comes to receiving guests and booking rooms. From the pa herspective of the guests, once they’re on the beach resort site, they may take advantage of your resort’s enhanced room delivery services for fresh food as well as other kinds of resort services.

Renovate and maintain

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Due to the reduction in the flow of income during COVID-19, beach resorts would have it to their advantage if they focus their efforts towards renovation and maintenance after COVID-19.

In particular, resorts can make use of this time to properly clean the beach space and the coastlines – it wouldn’t be surprising if they were to be somewhat reclaimed by nature and other elements from the environment. Furthermore, many resort facilities such as the rooms, swimming pools, lounge, recreation rooms, and the like would have been unused during the period of the lockdown. Maintaining utilities involved in these amenities as well as keeping them clean for the safety and health of the customers are two things which resort managers should consider doing.


Adopt social distancing protocols

As mentioned before, adapting to the “new normal” is what beach resorts and other accommodation providers would want to focus on. This not only helps keep them afloat before they finally find their footing but also to offer a more sanitary environment for the guests to experience. Through adopting social distancing protocols, beach resorts would have to modify many of their operations to achieve a safe space for the guests.

Large gatherings are inadvisable even after during the aftermath of COVID-19, which is why resorts may want to implement dividers in large areas such as function rooms or lobbies. In facilities like recreation rooms, swimming pools, and in-house restaurants, they may implement guidelines that limit the number of people in a given area at any time. Resorts may also want to bolster contactless measures like room delivery services.

While the compromise may take some time of getting used to on both the end of the management and the guests, this is still a way for resorts to financially bounce back while catering to the safety requirements needed for guests.


Key Takeaway

Accommodation providers may find it challenging to bounce back after the lockdown. They have to make use of this time to recuperate from the potential financial loss they may have accrued. If you belong in this category, you need not worry – there are many strategies for you to prepare your beach resort after COVID-19.

From simple techniques such as attracting millennial customers and maintaining on top of renovation and cleaning services, your beach resort can more easily navigate its way back to relatively normal operations.

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