Beach Date Ideas Perfect for the Summer

What are some beach date ideas you can try during the summer? Romantic dinner Sunset cocktails Beach exploration In-room massage for two   Planning out the perfect date with your partner can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to fall into the all-too-generic category of restaurant dates. As such, if you ever find yourself […]

Facilities You Can Take Advantage of in a Beach Resort

What are beach resort facilities you can take advantage of? Infinity pool In-house restaurant Meditare huts Spa and massage   If you’re having trouble figuring out a way to have a worthwhile summer, then why don’t you try visiting a beach resort and utilizing its facilities? A good place to start would be Vivere Azure’s […]

4 Reasons to Go Kayaking at the Beach

What are some reasons to go kayaking at the beach? Reduce stress levels Burn calories Build strength Bond with friends and family   During summertime, people are always keen on figuring out new ways to enjoy their vacation. They engage in various activities both to preoccupy them and, as a form of past-time. It wouldn’t […]

Essential Travel Safety Tips

What are some tips for traveling safely? Research About the Location Save Emergency Contacts Secure Copies of Important Documents Be Cautious When Using Public Wi-Fi Update Yourself on the Weather News   Regardless of whether you travel often or it is your first time, ensuring your safety guarantees a relaxed and convenient trip. Avoid getting […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Snorkeling

What are the health benefits of snorkeling? Strengthens the Muscles Improves Cardiovascular Health Enhances Mental Health and Better Mood Improves Joint Mobility Encourages Concentration and Awareness Burn Calories   Unlike diving, snorkeling allows you to see the beauty of the underwater world without having to go deeper or leaving the surface of the waters. Head […]

Vivere Azure: A Tranquil Experience through the Eyes of Known Personalities

Traveling to the world’s different beaches is a hobby for many individuals. There is a tranquil experience that only the sound of the crashing waves, the salty air, and the view of the line where the sky meets the sea can provide. If you are looking for a beach resort in Batangas to spend time […]

Honeymoon Packing List for a Romantic Beach Getaway During Valentine’s Day

What are some of the things you need to pack for a beach getaway? Womenswear and Accessory Menswear Toiletries Medical Items Media or Gadgets Special Honeymoon Items   Catch the sunset or find a space to relax. The beach is one of the best places to spend a quick Valentine’s day getaway. There is nothing […]

Unique Beach Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

What are beach date ideas for Valentine’s Day? Island Hopping Free Diving Aromatherapy Massage Watch the Sunrise Seaside Dinner Enjoy Resort Amenities   This Valentine’s Day, you surely want to make it special for you and your partner this year. Want to take a break from your faced-paced and busy routine by rewarding yourselves with […]

How to Choose the Right Suite at a Beach Resort

What are the factors to consider in choosing the right suite at a beach? Learn About the Type of Suites Offered The View from the Balcony Amenities Included in the Suite Consider Your Budget   Are you looking for a beach resort near Manila for a quick weekend getaway? Take a look at these factors […]

Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year at a Beach

What are the ways to celebrate the lunar new year at the beach? Chowing Down on Festive Meals Setting Off Firecrackers Giving Gifts of Money in Red Envelopes Launching of Sky Lanterns   Every year, Filipino-Chinese families would gather and celebrate Chinese New Year with the hopes to attract prosperity, peace, and closer familial ties. […]