Vivere Azure: A Tranquil Experience through the Eyes of Known Personalities

Traveling to the world’s different beaches is a hobby for many individuals. There is a tranquil experience that only the sound of the crashing waves, the salty air, and the view of the line where the sky meets the sea can provide.

If you are looking for a beach resort in Batangas to spend time away from home and escape the busy city, Vivere Azure offers a conducive place for relaxation. Enjoy the alluring waters of Batangas and the picturesque view of the sunset as you lounge by the infinity pool and retire with your suite that exudes a home-like vibe.

Read on to have a visual of how Vivere Azure felt and looked through the eyes of popular travelers, bloggers, and beach lovers.


Michelle Solee

Michelle Solee

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Michelle Solee is a Pinay mom blogger, part-time graphic designer, and social media strategist. She began her own web page to freely wire and share her own story online, hoping to inspire others. She shares her passion for travel adventures, staycations and food trips on her blog. Unlike any other blog, she calls her web page a “photostory”. She considers it as her online diary wherein every photo she shares tells a story.

Apart from the food and travel adventures, she also expresses her love for her family, especially for her only son, Ethan, as well as some of her recipes. Her stories and blogs are posted at or @michisolee.

Michi or Mitch, as she would want other people to refer to her as, is also a Psoriasis patient. From time to time, she shares her feelings and stories about how she copes. She also talks about the activities and events she joins conducted by the Psorclub and PsorPhil associations.

A mom who has traveled to many places in Asia, Europe, the USA, and her hometown, the Philippines, is not one to miss a single detail about a beach resort.

Here is what she had to say about her overall experience regarding her 2 days and a 1-night stay at Vivere Azure for their 10th wedding anniversary:

“Vivere Azure service is [a] superb [place]. As I mentioned in my blog, they [the staff] serve with a smile and always do the extra mile. They know how to treat and spoil their guests well. We enjoyed the dinner by the beach and they even gave us a free dessert because it was our anniversary.”

Michi expressed how glad she was for deciding on celebrating their wedding anniversary at the resort. She was able to do plenty of activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and rafting with her husband. For her, the best part was that every activity they tried was already included in the package they availed.


Samantha Coronado

Samantha Coronado


Sam Coronado is the creator of She is a travel blogger, a full-time manager, a grad school student, a development worker, a freelance writer, a financial advisor, and an investor all at once. She states that having so many hats to wear enables her to work towards financial freedom.

She started her blog 10 years ago and being financially educated allowed her to enjoy life without boundaries as well as chill despite the increasing encounters of life’s complexities.

Like any digital nomad would, Sam made it easy for her readers and site visitors to navigate around her blog. She separated the places she visited according to terrain: Earth, City, and Seas. Her essays are also categorized according to recent stories, volunteering and developer careers, as well as some of her ‘travel hugot”. Apart from that, she also reviews food and outdoor gear, shares her travel tips and experience in beach resorts.

For her love of the sea and the beach, here is what she had to say about her overall experience regarding her stay at Vivere Azure with her fiance:

“Our staycation was a great way to escape from the busy city life and enjoy the beach without too much crowd. Anilao [in Batangas] has always been a popular spot to visit from [Metro] Manila, [and] Vivere Azure made our stay an exceptional experience because of the amenities, services, and the natural beauty of the place.”

For her, Vivere Azure was definitely one of the most luxurious and classiest beach resorts in Batangas that presents an ideal place for all kinds of trips. Whether for romantic staycations, family outings, or group vacations, the amenities, activities, and spots at the beach makes the travel worthwhile.





Gamintraveler is a travel couple! They share their journey on which started in late November 2015. Often referred to as content creators in the digital space, Ruben and Rachel would like themselves to be called storytellers. They started their blog with each piece of content being a story.

Ruben is a hardcore traveler with 7 years of on-the-road experience. He has backpacked, hitchhiked and biked, as well as traveled to more countries around the world. He is always hungry for a deeper life experience. Rachel is a solopreneur and has been working on the online scene since 2012. She crafts social media and content strategies for various clients in the US, AUS, and the UK. She has been working remotely and aims to be a full digital nomad soon.

The couple has visited many places around the world including destinations in Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Oceania, and South America. Traversing the world opens their eyes to see the beauty in every detail.

From great food, snorkeling activities, and an infinity pool overlooking the sunset, here’s what the couple had to say about their overall experience at Vivere Azure:

“[The] services in Vivere Azure include the perfect great food, activities, and helpful staff. We mentioned that we were coming with our little kid and they prepared everything for us. They even gave him toiletries. We have to say, it only happened twice when traveling in the Philippines. And yes, the first time was in Vivere Azure! Hands down for them!”

The couple specifically mentioned the best feature of Vivere Azure being the infinity pool with perfect views of the sunset. The lush seating allowed them to enjoy the picturesque scenery right in front of them, as their kid enjoyed himself by the poolside.


Jasmine Maierhofer

Jasmine Maierhofer

Youtube | Instagram

Travel enthusiast and international runway fashion model Jasmine Maierhofer is a 25-year old half-Aussie, half-Filipino grew up in Puerto Galera wherein she learned how to appreciate the beauty of nature and loved the summer season. She mostly posts her travel experiences on her Instagram account or Youtube channel. The adventure-seeker loves to skip from one beach to another with her husband and best friend.

From the snorkeling activity to infinity pool with the view of the sunset, here is what Jas had to say about her overall experience at Vivere Azure:

“The best feature of Vivere Azure is really their overlooking infinity pool. Their services are the best and all their staff is very accommodating. Indeed, the beach resort is 5-stars. I really enjoyed my stay there.”


Samantha Valenciano

Samantha Valenciano


Samantha Godinez Valenciano is a photographer and graphic artist. She’s the mom of Nataleia Martine, her first child with husband, director and singer Paolo Valenciano. She mostly joins events as a guest and takes amazing photographs as a keepsake. Samantha keeps her portfolio posted at wherein stories and hilarious rants about being a newbie mommy can also be found.

From rafting and snorkeling activities to the view of the infinity pool, here is what Samantha had to say about her amazing experience at Vivere Azure for their overnight stay:

“The view and the overall feel of the place is the best feature of Vivere Azure. The place provides a homey vibe to it and I would definitely come back for more than 1 night. It was very relaxing and we did not have to fly out [of the country].”





Aguiventures comes from the family name “Aguinaldo ”. Raymund, Meg, and their little girl love to take on adventures together. They recently discovered that there are plenty of places to explore whether they need to hop on a plane for the next 16 hours or take a stroll in a local museum.

Raymund and Meg are the creators of where they share stories, pictures, and happy memories in the hopes of inspiring other Pinoy families to bring their entire family, including the little ones, to adventure. The couple believes that a family that travels together, stays together. They have visited plenty of beaches in the Philippines and one of them is Vivere Azure.

From simply lounging by the beach beds to enjoying their cottage near the pool, here is what the Aguinaldos had to say about their amazing experience at Vivere Azure for their overnight stay:

“Being a nature loving family, we really love that right in front of Vivere Azure lies a beautiful underwater life with pristine reef and all the colorful fish as well as corals. It’s just a few steps [away] from the rooms and we love how accessible it is to guests. We don’t have to hire a boat or go island hopping just to see this beautiful marine sanctuary.”

The family shares how memorable their experience was during the first time they visited and even more for their second visit. They hardly ever visit a place twice since their goal is to discover more places. For them, there is something special about Vivere Azure that pulls them back.





Mod and Anj are a happily married couple, parents to a teenage girl and a toddler, as well as lifestyle bloggers. They are the creators of where they share their little adventures. Anj loves taking pictures to capture every moment and Mod is a tech geek. Their web page used to be a travel diary or journal until it became a blog where they shared information about traveling.

Mr. and Mrs. Wanderlust originated from the couple’s passion for traveling, nature, outdoors, amateur photography, videography, adventures, and new experiences. They pour their hearts into creating the best montages and take pictures that speak of the memories they had during the moment.

The family travels with their children and has visited many beaches in the Philippines. Among the beach resorts is Vivere Azure. For the couple, the best feature of the beach resort in Batangas is the beautiful views of the sea and how Vivere Azure developed their suites to have the best vista of it.

Apart from swimming and kayaking, here is what the couple had to say about their stay at the beach resort:

“[Our] overall [experience] was nice, that is why we returned there and brought the entire family with us. It would’ve been nicer if we were able to rent an available boat to take another island trip. But the boats were all fully booked. Despite that, the staff were all helpful and nice.”

For the couple, the most relaxing part of the beach resort was the view and the cozy feel of the cottages as well as the suites.


Kayesha Chua

Kayesha Chua

Instagram | Facebook

Hailed as the Bikolana Queen for winning Miss Bicolandia back in 2017, Kayesha Chua is an International Flight Attendant who has joined beauty pageants since 2017 to prepare herself for the bigger pageants. She currently franchises a gym establishment in her hometown and is now a newly licensed water scuba diver. She mostly updates her followers on her diving trips through her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

For the love of the sea and the underwater, here is what she had to say about her stay in Vivere Azure:

“Aside from the room itself, [my] favorite area to relax on is by the dining area, where we got to lounge and chill while enjoying the fresh air, sound of the beach and birds chirping. We had no problem at all during our stay. Everyone [the staff] was so helpful and accommodating. [I] can’t wait for more added services and features!”

Kayesha shares that the best feature of Vivere Azure is the pool. The idea of dipping into the pool with a fruit shake as well as a panoramic view of the sea is the best part of her stay at the beach resort. For her, it’s best to chill by the pool at sunset for a more romantic feel.


Key Takeaway

Break the monotony of your busy city life and relax in your suite with a view of the sea horizon at Vivere Azure, the best beach resort in Batangas. Visit the paradise situated by the mountainside of Anilao, Batangas and experience the kind of tranquility you have never felt before. Take it from the words of popular travel bloggers and personalities. Book your stay now to arrive at the place with everything prepared for you and your companion.

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