How to Choose the Right Suite at a Beach Resort

What are the factors to consider in choosing the right suite at a beach?

  1. Learn About the Type of Suites Offered
  2. The View from the Balcony
  3. Amenities Included in the Suite
  4. Consider Your Budget


Are you looking for a beach resort near Manila for a quick weekend getaway? Take a look at these factors to consider to get the best suite for you and your travel companions. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at the location only to find out that you will not fit in one room. From checking the type of suites offered by the beach resort to making the most out of your budget, here are a few considerations you must make in order to get the best possible suite.


Learn About the Type of Suites Offered

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Batangas beach resorts like Azure offer a wide range of room choices with a perfect view of the bay from the terrace or balcony. For most travelers and beachgoers, the best suite must be front-facing with a wide horizon in the sky and ocean. While plenty of booking sites offer deals and promos, it is advisable to visit the beach resort’s official website to view accurate room offerings and availability.

In case the suite you booked does not have enough beds for everyone, you may ask the management if it is possible to rent mats. More often than not, extra services like these are being offered for the convenience of guests.


The View from the Balcony

In general, beach suites are named Deluxe, Premier, Grand or Superior, and Presidential or Ocean Front. The difference between these is the angle of view and distance from the beach. For instance, expect to have a perfect view of the ocean if you book a Grand Premiere or Presidential.

Different resorts make use of different terminologies. With that, it’s best to give the beach resort a call or drop an email to support the information you have found on their online website. It will be of your best interest to confirm your requirements and preferences with the management.


Amenities Included in the Suite

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Beach resorts commonly offer unique amenities for each type of suite. For Batangas beach resorts like Azure, amenities are the same for all suites. Amenities included are in-room safe, widescreen TV, refrigerator, insect repellant & citronella oils, resort bag, slippers, night light, and hygiene kit, as well as Nespresso machine.

Azure has a deep understanding of your needs as a guest. The amenities provided are the basic requirements and the usual items found in a typical suite. But to give you the best possible beach experience, our beach resort in Batangas focuses on the structure of the suite along with world-class amenities.


Consider Your Budget

If you are visiting a location in Batangas that is front-facing the ocean, there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket by booking the most expensive suite in the beach resort. Azure offers a wide range of suites to accommodate your budget requirements. Regardless of whether you book a Deluxe Suite or the Azure Suite, you will surely obtain a perfect view of the beach while spending only what your budget allows.


Key Takeaway

Whatever is stopping you from going for a quick getaway with your family and friends at a beach resort near Manila, it should never be travel distance or budget. If you are looking for a Batangas beach resort near the city, choose to visit Azure. Going to the beach resort should only take you 2 hours of travel time given light traffic and a few stopovers. Apart from that, every single penny you spend will definitely be worthwhile. Perform your due diligence as a beachgoer by dropping an email or giving the management a call to inquire and make arrangements.

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