4 Reasons to Go Kayaking at the Beach

What are some reasons to go kayaking at the beach?

  1. Reduce stress levels
  2. Burn calories
  3. Build strength
  4. Bond with friends and family


During summertime, people are always keen on figuring out new ways to enjoy their vacation. They engage in various activities both to preoccupy them and, as a form of past-time. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that this is the time where people usually flock to the water. Under the sweltering heat, you can either take a dip in the pool or go kayaking at the beach.

While kayaking is considered to be an unconventional way of enjoying your summer, it can actually present you with many attractive benefits that can enhance your overall beach experience. This activity is definitely one that you should look out for, if you find yourself in Azure’s Beach Resort in Anilao, Batangas.

As part of their amenities, Azure offers you kayaking as a great activity to enjoy under the blistering rays of the sun during this time of year. Continue reading to learn more about the surprising benefits kayaking can give you.


Reduces stress levels

If you’ve ever heard about competitive kayaking, you wouldn’t imagine that it’s an activity that can reduce your overall stress levels. Competitors are expertly maneuvering the paddle just to cross the finish line first or in the shortest time possible.

Kayaking at the beach, on the other hand, is an altogether different story. Aside from frolicking in the water, another great way for you to experience the clear blue waves is by riding a canoe and enjoying a relaxing moment of kayaking.

This activity can greatly help in reducing your stress levels because of the relaxed environment. Furthermore, you’re surrounded by lush and dense pockets of greenery which you can easily view from your vessel. Kayaking allows you to experience the water in a more unique manner, interacting more closely with its rich and highly-abundant marine life.


Burns calories

Burn Calories

When people are in vacation mode, there is a tendency for them to just sit inside their homes all day. I’m sure you’re familiar with the term ‘couch potato’ and you might have even been guilty of becoming one at some point in your life. The summer heat, after all, can make it discouraging for people to engage in activities that will have them break a sweat. Nevertheless, if you find yourself being invited by your friends to a beach resort, consider kayaking as an alternative form of exercise for you.

When you’re already mounted on the canoe, you simply cannot help but take a gander at the beautiful view of nature surrounding you. Kayaking might be simply a leisurely activity, but if you change up your daily kayaking routine and transform it into an exercise session, it can easily help you burn calories.

The safe zones on the beach won’t hamper you from burning calories through this activity. You may choose to simply pedal back and forth in a given area. At this rate, you can simultaneously enjoy the gorgeous views the resort has to offer, as well as, burn up to 400 calories by each hour.


Builds strength

In line with burning calories, kayaking is a great low-impact exercise that can target specific core muscle areas of your body. While you might not even be aware of it, engaging in this simple leisurely session on the beach can already help you increase the strength in your muscles.

When you’re paddling the canoe or the kayak, you are using much of your upper and lower abdominal muscles. A day after kayaking, however, you may feel that these muscles are sore – but don’t let that stop you from enjoying another day of the activity on the beach. You just have to paddle through the pain to get used to it.

You don’t have to view kayaking as merely a chore for you. Soak in the warm rays of the sun and the lush greenery surrounding you. Soon enough, paddling the waves is as easy as taking a walk in the park.


Bond with friends and family

Bond With Friends And Family

Some people have already gotten used to spending their summer days alone. It’s not uncommon to find someone who has locked themselves inside their room for the whole day, just to play a video game for the entire duration.

Why not spend your summer on a much more worthwhile vacation? While staying inside your resort room can be relaxing, you can go outside and meet your friends through kayaking.

You would find that you’re not the only one who wants to try out this type of activity on the beach. Kayaking can be a good point of conversation between your friends and your family. Apart from this, you would also get a chance to socialize with the other people who are also first-time kayakers.


Key Takeaway

Once you find yourself in Azure’s rocky beach resort in Anilao, Batangas, why not take advantage of their kayaking amenities? Kayaking at the beach is a novel way for you to enjoy your summer vacation. It can not only help you experience the resort’s clear blue waters more intimately, but it is also a wonderful social activity.

With the advantages presented above, you now have all the reasons to go kayaking with your friends!

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