5 Ideal Snacks for a Beach Trip

What are some ideal snacks for a trip to the beach?

  1. Potato chips
  2. Hard-boiled eggs
  3. Sandwiches
  4. Wraps
  5. Energy bars


The beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer destinations to enjoy some downtime and relaxation. Apart from the clear, blue, inviting waters that make us want to take a light dip or go for a quick swim, a beach vacation trip is also an opportunity to share and indulge in our favorite beach snacks with friends and family.

Your trip to Vivere Azure resort in Anilao, Batangas wouldn’t be complete without your beach essentials as well as the most delicious and convenient snacks. If you simply want to enjoy your vacation lying down on the soft sand while bonding with your friends over some fresh fruit shakes, beach snacks are the perfect way to complement the experience.

Continue reading to learn more about these filling snacks which should definitely be a part of your summer vacation excursions.


Potato chips

While you can choose to bring virtually any kind of chips for your trip, the experience of eating potato chips on a beach is simply unparalleled.

Depending on the brand of potato chips that you buy, this type of snack can come in many different flavors. One thing you should note when taking varieties of these to a beach is that they shouldn’t make your summer afternoons on the beach more unbearable. For example, choosing a spicy potato chip flavor further worsens the already-scorching heat.

It’s always a good idea to stick with classic flavor like onion and chives, cheese, or simply plain salted. If you want to share a large bag of potato chips with your friends, you may simply mix a variety of flavors in large re-sealable containers.


Hard-boiled eggs

Boiled Eggs In A Bowl Decorated With Parsley Leaves

Hard-boiled eggs may seem like an unconventional snack to bring to the beach but it is also actually convenient.

Apart from being easy to cook, hard-boiled eggs are nutritious and perfect if you want to have a filling snack. Pack several of these in multiple containers and you’re ready to go to the beach.



Sandwiches are perhaps the most common type of finger foods that people bring to the beach. Perhaps one reason for this is that they’re so easy to prepare and you can eat them any time.

When you’re packing sandwiches, ensure they won’t easily get spoiled and can last for up to two days. A good sandwich idea would be a simple combination of ham and cheese. For those who have a sweet tooth, they may prefer peanut butter and jelly, or hazelnut spread sandwiches.

Sandwiches are also perfect if you’re planning to have a light picnic on the beach. Simply wrap your creations with sturdy kitchen napkins, and store them inside tightly sealed containers.



Tortilla With A Mix Of Ingredients

Another perfect snack would be a simple tortilla wrap with fillings of your choice. Not everybody is a fan of sandwiches, so this is definitely a perfect alternative to your everyday bread.

You can get creative with the kind of wraps you bring to your trip. For example, you can create breakfast wraps consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, or even garlic rice – if you want to fix up something similar to a burrito. For lunch and dinner, you may also opt for healthier alternatives, such as a simple roast chicken and lettuce wrap or virtually whatever combination you desire.


Energy bars

Similar to potato chips, you don’t really need too much preparation with regards to energy bars. Simply visit your local grocery store a few days before your trip and choose the energy bars you want.

You may either opt for a combination of fruit, grain, and nut bars. Meanwhile, if you want more carbohydrate-laden combinations, you can opt for rice cereal bars or some calcium-rich chocolate bars.

Coming in individual packs and various flavors, you won’t have difficulty when packing these types of snacks to your beach trip.


Key Takeaway

When you’re going on a trip to the beach, snacks are definitely also on the top of your mind. Choosing what snack you bring to the beach is entirely up to you – you just have to make sure to get creative. There’s no better way to complement your summer vacation experience than by eating filling snacks while on the road or relaxing by the shoreline!

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