How to Disinfect Yourself While in a Resort

What are ways to disinfect yourself in a beach resort?

  1. Take a shower before swimming
  2. Regularly wash hands
  3. Wear slippers
  4. Cover food items


There’s no better way to spend your summer vacation than at a beach resort such as Vivere Azure in Anilao, Batangas. Being surrounded by a large body of pristine and cool blue waters while under the rays of the sun seems like the perfect picture.

Finding yourself in this kind of paradise, however, should also make you think about the many ways of disinfecting yourself in resorts. In the current circumstances we live in, nothing is as essential as keeping yourself and your surroundings clean in order to be in harmony with your environment and other beachgoers as well.

Vivere Azure seeks to provide you with only the cleanest and most smooth-sailing beach resort experience. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t do your part in maintaining your cleanliness and hygiene. Many of these disinfecting tips that you can follow aren’t necessarily complicated. They can range from something as simple as washing your hands, to following hygienic practices as you’re about to take a dip in the beach waters.

Hygiene should be of utmost priority during these times. As such, it would be greatly to your advantage to continue reading about some of the endless ways you can keep yourself clean at a beach resort.


Take a shower before swimming

Though taking a shower before swimming is a piece of advice that almost everyone is aware of, there are still some beachgoers who fail to go through this step before they take a dip. If you’ve just woken up to the sound of waters sloshing on the shore, it can be extremely tempting for you to just take a dive with your body unwashed. But you also have to think about the other people swimming in the pool or the beach – you would also expect the best out of them.

Though you may forget this invaluable practice sometimes, taking a shower is one of the easiest ways by which you can disinfect yourself while you’re in a resort. While this task doesn’t have to be comprehensive, ensure that you’ve adequately cleaned yourself by scrubbing your body thoroughly. As mentioned before, you’re also sharing the waters with the other people around you, so you should also make sure that the soap and shampoo you use don’t contain harmful chemicals that can negatively impact the beach.


Regularly wash hands

Regularly Wash Hands

Similar to taking a shower before swimming, regularly washing your hands while you’re in the resort is another piece of advice you should take to heart.

There is no such thing as engaging in too many hygienic practices to disinfect yourself. In fact, such a simple act can go a long way in avoiding the spread of germs and bacteria to the people around you.

Since you’re constantly touching many objects in a beach resort, you should ensure that you’re thoroughly washing your hands constantly, for at least 20 seconds. Using an antimicrobial and antibacterial soap, lather your hands together until a thick foam develops. Rinse your hands under either warm or cold water, and then pat dry them using a clean towel. You should also keep in mind not to touch any part of your face if you haven’t properly cleaned your hands.


Wear slippers

Aside from keeping your feet clean and avoiding the risk of catching the flu, wearing slippers while you’re in a resort is a good way to protect your feet from small objects that might injure you. Fortunately, every room at Vivere Azure in Batangas supplies you with soft, complimentary slippers which you can use to walk around your room.

Soft slippers also ensure that you’re keeping your entire room sanitary as you walk around it. While you may already understand the importance of washing your feet, slippers add another layer of cleanliness. Since you’re also planning on swimming, ensure that you have around two pairs of slippers that can be used in different locations. For example, it is highly advised for you to wear rubber slippers on your feet when walking along the shore. Use a different pair of slippers when you’re already inside your room or when you’re walking around the resort facilities.


Cover food items

Lunchbox With Sandwich, Vegetables, Fruit On White Background.

When you’re bringing your snacks along the beach, ensure that you’re properly storing and covering them. Doing this helps you keep your food safe for eating. This essentially prevents you from contracting bacteria that can be found in contaminated food.

Let’s say you’re having a picnic on the beach. A simple way to prevent sand from getting to your food is by using a clean cloth which you can put atop of your food items. If you’re eating chips, place them inside re-sealable storage bags to prevent them from getting saltwater.


Key Takeaway

Disinfecting yourself in a resort doesn’t take complicated measures. While simple practices including constantly washing your hands, wearing slippers, covering your food, and taking a shower seem to be inconsequential, these practices can go a long way in maintaining a good level of hygiene during your stay.

The simple guide above has hopefully provided you with just some of the useful disinfecting tips you can do at a beach resort.

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