The Perfect Batangas Beach Resort Getaway with Vivere Azure

When it comes to the ideal getaway locations, very few come close to what a beach resort can offer. Everyone deserves a break after spending a busy week, which is why going on a weekend getaway with your friends and family is surely one of the most ideal vacation ideas that will help get relaxed and refreshed. One of the best vacation destinations that will surely make for the perfect getaway is going to a Batangas beach resort, where you not only experience the beautiful and captivating sights that the province has to offer, but also enjoy some of the best lodging and amenities that some of their best resorts have on offer.

If you are looking for the perfect Batangas beach resort getaway, there is no better place like Vivere Azure. With a wide set of amenities and benefits that help make the experience even more special, this resort offers the perfect package that will make for the best weekend getaway. Here are some of the amenities that Vivere Azure has on offer.

Luxury Ocean Suites

Lodging is one of the most important parts of the Batangas beach resort experience, and Vivere Azure offers some of the best lodgings, providing you with a selection of premier ocean suites that offer the best comfort and relaxing atmosphere along with a beautiful view of the ocean ahead. With 13 luxury suites available, you would be able to find the best suite that would fit your rest and relaxation needs, and create your own relaxing environment.

Each ocean suite is a rest house where you, your friends, and your family can bask in the sunrise and sunset, and exude a sense of openness that will help you appreciate the breathtaking atmosphere. From the leaning verandas to the floor-to-ceiling windows, there are no shortages of ways for you to experience the best views of the cost, allowing you to and natural wonders of the surrounding environment. One great thing about these ocean suites is that each one of them is uniquely designed, providing you with a diverse experience during each visit.

The Best Amenities

Along with providing you with the best atmosphere and views, Vivere Azure is a resort that offers amenities of the highest quality, offering an experience like no other. You can experience quality cuisine in Z Cafe, and enjoy a meal while basking in the view. From quality dishes like the Salmon, Hickory Ribs, and Lapu-Lapu, to refreshing fruit shakes, you are sure to have the most relaxing and intimate breakfast, lunch, and dinner experience. While you wait for your meals to be served, you can even play a round of billiards as well.

Vivere Azure can also provide you with one of the most relaxing experiences available through their aromatherapy and spa. This offers the best relaxation for your mind and body, allowing you to completely relax, your mind and body, and experience the best comfort while being surrounded by nature. The cabanas where you are massaged offer you a fully relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that will surely get you relaxed.

Along with a private beach for you to bask in the sunrays, Vivere Azure also has an infinity pool, which offers you a great view of the beach, along with a view of the beautiful Tingloy Island and Maricaban Strait. You can also play some water sports in the resort as well, which are great activities that you can enjoy with friends and family during the day. Finally, kayaking is another activity that the resort offers, allowing you to go around the ocean and experience the clear blue waters. With a wide variety of amenities on offer, Vivere Azure surely offers one of the best Batangas beach resort experiences around.

The best part about this experience is that you are able to experience the best service available as well, as you are treated by trained staff that only aim to provide you with the best service that will surely make your getaway that much more special.

Clear Blue Waters and Beautiful Shorelines

One of the best features of the resort is the breathtaking private beach, which not only offers a great view of the coast but also offers clean and pristine waters along with a beautiful shoreline that you would just love to dip your feet in. No perfect beach resort getaway in Batangas would be complete without experiencing their beaches, and Vivere Azure surely delivers by providing everyone with the best beaches in the province. Along the shoreline are cabanas where you can relax and unwind while watching and listening to the waves.

Beautiful Sights of Batangas

One of the best things about enjoying what the resort has to offer is the fact that you are able to enjoy some of the best sights that Batangas has to offer. From seeing the Taal Volcano and the surrounding islands, there is no shortage of beautiful views to look at. This makes going for a drive or a boat ride a very scenic experience that you would only appreciate and admire.

You can also get a view of the Taal volcano heritage town as well, which is a destination that is worth a visit. Along with experiencing nature, you can also explore some of the sights outside of the resort as well, which includes going for a hike in Mt. Gulugod Baboy, and even visiting Sepoc Island. Batangas is a province of many sights, and going to Vivere Azure will allow you to get close to these wonderful locales and destinations.

Scenic Diving Locations

One of the best experiences that you would be able to do in Vivere Azure is going for a dive into the pristine waters, and experience some of the most diverse marine life that Batangas has to offer. Be in one of the prime diving locations in the province and see marine life such as clownfish, corals, sea sponges, small squids, and mollusks. Find out just how lively and diverse the oceans are in Batangas. Vivere Azure is located in Anilao, Batangas, which is considered the birthplace of diving in the Philippines. This means that you are able to have the best diving journey that allows you to explore beneath the shores.

Going for a dive is also a very mentally refreshing and stimulating activity as well, as you are able to relax and appreciate some of the most captivating wonders of nature. Along with diving, you can also go snorkeling, which is another great way to experience the diverse marine life of Batangas and make your getaway even more interesting.

A Marine and Nature Sanctuary

When it comes to dive resorts in Batangas, the amount of nature that you are surrounded by in Vivere Azure makes the area a marine and nature sanctuary that is surely worth the journey. Located amongst cultural and historical landmarks, Batangas is a province that is rich in culture, making it one of the best places to visit outside of Metro Manila. Being a province that offers diverse plant and wildlife, Batangas is one of the country’s pristine locations where you and your friends can experience nature at its fullest.

Experience the Best Beach Resort Experience with Vivere Azure

Going for a weekend getaway at a beach resort near Manila after a busy week is surely the best way to remove some stress and spend some quality time with your friends and family. This makes going to a Batangas beach resort an experience that offers you a wide variety of amenities while allowing you to experience the best of what nature has to offer.

Located in Anilao Batangas, Vivere Azure is a private little piece of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. Surrounded by the beautiful and pristine azure ocean, along with trees and lush greens, the resort offers you the best view of all of the nature of the province. Our goal is to provide a “home away from home” that allows you to relax and have the best weekend getaway with your friends and family.

With 13 unique suites to choose from, Vivere Azure offers you the most relaxing rooms with breathtaking views, all of which offer a nice balance between openness and privacy that allows you to experience all of the nature around you unobstructed. Along with uniquely designed suites, you are also able to experience some of the best food and drinks, providing you with high-quality cuisine that only enhances the luxury resort experience.

You can also avail of our aromatherapy and spa services, both of which offer the best relaxation while allowing you to be around the nature of Batangas. You can also go out for a swim on the resort’s private beach, along with swimming in the infinity pool, which offers you some of the best views from the resort. You can also go out kayaking and water sports, which are great activities to do together.

Along with all of these wonderful amenities, Vivere Azure also offers one of the best diving spots in the country, which allows you to experience the best of marine life in Batangas. Located in the birthplace of diving in the Philippines, Vivere Azure offers some of the best diving packages that will allow you to have the best diving experience possible.

Vivere Azure only aims to offer the best luxury resort experience in Batangas, allowing you to have the best getaway experience outside of Metro Manila. If you want to take a look at the suites that we have on offer, you can visit this page to learn more. If you want to know more about the best things about the Azure experience, you can go to this page. For questions about our location and services, we have you covered on our FAQ page. If you are looking to reserve a suite and try out the luxury resort experience with your friends and family, you can go to our reservation page and contact us to know more about payment schemes, our amenities, and our available suites.

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