Gadgets and Accessories to Bring to the Beach

What are gadgets and accessories to bring to the beach?

  1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
  2. Solar-powered Charger
  3. Underwater Camera or GoPro
  4. Underwater Scooter
  5. Waterproof Phone Case
  6. Selfie Drone


As you plan your next beach getaway with family or friends, make sure you have the right gadgets to capture every single joyous moment. With that being said, protect your gadgets as well to prevent any tragic accidents that could ruin the vacation. Here is a list of some beach gadgets and gear for your devices’ protection as well as added entertainment and leisure.


Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Сreative Design Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For Music L

If you have ever experienced destroying your Bluetooth speakers because water got inside, then already know the hassle of trying your best to revive it back. If not then instead of getting regular Bluetooth speakers, acquire waterproof speakers. While no one ever wishes to soak their portable speakers in water, accidents happen.

When buying Bluetooth, make sure to obtain IP67 rated speakers that can withstand accidental slip and dip into the waters. IP67 rated speakers are those that can float and remain around a meter of water for half an hour. With that being said, these waterproof speakers are still vulnerable to water.

Take note of the difference between waterproof and water-resistant speakers. The former can withstand getting soaked into water and the former can only survive splashes of water.


Solar-powered Charger

Solar phone chargers are devices used to recharge the batteries of mobile phones, tablets, and music gadgets through solar energy. The energy obtained and collected by the solar charger is turned into electrical energy which allows a device to function. The only downside of these chargers is that it requires long hours of sun exposure to fully recharge your device.

There are plenty of reasons why you should get yourself a solar-powered charger especially if you are staying on an island where there is an absence of an electrical outlet or other sources of electricity. In addition to that, you can use the solar charger even at home. With this, you are reducing your electricity bills because that is one gadget charged without the use of a power outlet.

These solar chargers do not make any emissions. Consider all of the benefits of investing in a solar charger. Despite the price tag, the durability, effects on the environment, and portability of the device makes every penny worth spending on it.


Underwater Camera or GoPro


What is a beach trip without shots under the waters? Take your GoPro or any underwater camera to take beautiful shots of the underwater world. Beach resorts in Batangas have the best snorkeling spots that will enable you to witness marine life even at a shallow level. The Sony brand has the most housing types to offer. From high-quality aluminum, vacuum electronics features, and wide angles to polycarbonate with a leak detector, an underwater camera will definitely change your beach experience.


Underwater Scooter

While an underwater scooter or sea scooter may not be entirely necessary, it can still provide a fun experience for snorkelers or scuba divers. Underwater scooters take the adventure to the next level. They give you the freedom of driving underwater as if you were exploring the city on a motorbike. Regardless of whether you are snorkeling or diving, you are no longer required to move your arms and legs too much which consumes most of your oxygen. With that, you will be able to spend more time exploring the underwater.


Waterproof Phone Case

Beautiful Woman's Hand Using Smart Phone At Beach

Even the most careful person is not safe from accidents. Losing or damaging your phone can be one of the most devastating accidents. Imagine accidentally dropping your phone into the pool. That is probably 1,000 worth of pictures and memories as well as important passwords and contacts which explains why losing it feels like the end of the world. Losing your phone on a normal day is already frustrating. What more if the accident happened during a vacation.

Just like you would not forget to pack sunscreen to protect your body from the sun’s UV rays, bring a waterproof case for your phones and other valuable gadgets. Take note, the tag price of a high-grade waterproof phone case is nothing compared to the amount of money you may have invested or currently investing in your mobile phone and gadgets.

Selfie Drone

You’ve probably seen numerous travel bloggers and influencers use selfie drones to create montages. A selfie drone consists of three propellers that allow it to fly and capture an aerial perspective. It is remote-controlled which means you can be stationary and still be able to navigate the device. The selfie drone is perfect for beach trips. It can enable you to see the top view of the beach without having to pay for a helicopter ride. In addition to that, your videos and pictures will look incredible at every given turn.


Key Takeaway

As much as you remember packing your beach essentials like sunscreen and umbrellas, do not forget to bring techy gadgets and gear to the beach for added leisure and entertainment. Pictures taken with DSLR and mobile phones today are becoming very common. With gadgets like GoPro, you can safely take underwater shots. An aerial drone can capture amazing montages that your naked eyes will not be able to see.

To protect your gear, waterproof bags and cases work perfectly. Finally, never let these gadgets distract you from admiring the beautiful views of the beach. Take a long pause from your devices and social media to just feel the moment.

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