1. Experience the Underwater World
  2. Seawater Therapy
  3. Requires Minimal Equipment
  4. No Necessary Training is Required

During the summertime, most people have one thing on their mind, and that is to head to the beach to soak under the sun. Dive resorts in Batangas offer a variety of activities that you can try to wisely spend your vacation. From riding the banana boat and island-hopping to cliff diving. If you have already undertaken those activities and are running out of reasons to retire to the beach, here are a few of the compelling reasons that will inspire you to try snorkeling.


If you have only appreciated the underwater world in videos, then that is one good enough reason to try snorkeling at least once in your life. Have the chance to closely observe the beautiful sea creatures and see the wonders of the underwater ecosystem. Live corals are also one of the most sought-after seawater creatures. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Besides seeing the live corals, you also get to swim along with aquatic life.

With snorkeling, you are not required to dive deeper to see the bottom of the ocean. You may experience the underwater world with a beautiful panoramic view from above. Some divers would say that whatever you encounter at 10 meters deep is not massively different from the sea creatures and corals you see on the surface. It is important to note that this does not apply to the experience beyond 10 meters. Of course, the marine flora and fauna vary from the surface. For the most part, the overall experience can be quite different but the encounter is almost similar.


Swimming deep underwater is a fundamental form of exercise that aids your breathing and respiration. Because your arms perform a breaststroke and your legs paddle in a synchronized manner to enable you to reach your destination, you are essentially exercising your entire body. In essence, you are working out in the waters accompanied by a perfect view of coral reefs and marine life.

While there are immense health advantages to the physical body, your mind benefits as well. Breathing underwater when snorkeling is similar to many meditative breathing techniques. In this regard, you are able to relax your body and mind as you let the underwater flow take you to places.

Water activities, especially those that require you to be submerged in the water, can alleviate one’s stress. For the most part, snorkeling is considered the easiest way to experience the natural stress remedies offered by the serene sea waters.


Compared to scuba diving, snorkeling requires less equipment. The activity does not require high-tech equipment to perform the basics. A mask, snorkel, fins and snorkeling vest are you need.

Any transparent snorkel mask that allows you to see what underwater will do. Similarly, snorkeling vests are not complicated. They are simply designed to assist you to stay afloat. Therefore, any snorkeling vest will do as long as it fits you well. The other two equipment, which are snorkels and fins, require a more specific type. Snorkels are a breathing apparatus designed to aid your breathing while your head is submerged underwater. Using high-grade snorkels will allow you to efficiently breathe in the water. Fins, on the other hand, are gears for the feet. They help you move in the direction you desire. It additionally allows you to swim more rapidly to a distance in a shorter time compared to when you are not wearing any fins.

Besides the fact that snorkeling requires minimal equipment than scuba diving, the activity itself is also much less expensive. Other than freediving, snorkeling is also considered one of the most accessible recreational activities at the beach.


Snorkeling is relatively safer and risk-free compared to scuba-diving. This explains why it naturally requires lesser equipment. Snorkeling does not require any training, unlike scuba diving where you typically have to undergo an elaborate series of formal lessons with a certified scuba center before being allowed to officially dive. Moreover, you will need certification in order to dive deeper into the ocean. Whereas with snorkeling, if you are fit to swim, have knowledge on the basics, and are equipped with the right equipment, then you are good to go.

Finally, if you have the fear of uncertainty towards what could be in the darker depths of the ocean but yearn to experience the waters nonetheless, then snorkeling is the most suitable underwater activity for you.


Instead of simply going to the beach for a dip in the ocean, have a unique kind of escape by snorkeling underwater. Experience swimming with marine life, witness colorful live corals, and receive the benefits of proper exercise.

Perform the correct underwater breathing techniques as you paddle into the depths of the magnificent and mysterious ocean in one of the most accommodating dive resorts in Batangas. Make sure to check the weather, complete your equipment, and most importantly, keep calm and enjoy.

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