3 Marketing Tips for Beach Resorts during COVID-19

What are some marketing tips for beach resorts during COVID-19?

  1. Offer assistance to the community
  2. Make COVID-19 messaging clear
  3. Create useful content


We probably would never have imagined ourselves living in this kind of situation, but we certainly have no choice but to adapt to it. Because of COVID-19, accommodation providers like beach resorts have had to change the way they provide their services to the public. Business may become unpredictable during this time. For this reason, beach resorts may want to consider marketing tips during COVID-19 to help keep them functioning around this time.

Though some restrictions in many areas in the country have already eased, it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine that some places are still subject to an Enhanced Community Quarantine. As such, it won’t be surprising for some beach resorts to not have to accept guests and book-ins around this time. They should refocus their efforts towards marketing their services while the pandemic is still ongoing.


Offer assistance to the community

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As mentioned before, beach resorts have had to become subject to closures and temporary halts in their services and operations. This is a way for them to help reduce the number of cases in their area, as well as prevent a potential infection in their premises. Knowing this, one of the best ways for beach resorts to market themselves is for them to offer their assistance to the community.

Beach resorts can pour their efforts towards helping their own community deal with the health crisis, by way of temporarily offering their services during this time. The country’s health care system has been sorely inundated with many cases of this virus – a simple way of helping to alleviate this is by doing one’s part. Beach resorts can do simple acts such as donating their unused perishable food products to a local charity or to a local kitchen. They could also provide some of their complementary products like soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, and other hygienic items to those who may be in need.

Beach resorts, especially those with in-house restaurants can also offer food delivery, pick-up, and takeaway options as both a way of keeping themselves afloat and contributing their part to the community.


Make COVID-19 messaging clear

Though it may be difficult to gauge when this pandemic would eventually end, beach resorts would benefit from making their COVID-19 messaging clear through their online presence.

When it comes to relaying this kind of sensitive information to the public, it’s not only important for the information to be understandable, but it should also reassure the public. Beach resorts should emphasize that their spaces have undergone the necessary maintenance and cleaning to remain hygienic around this time. Potential guests and customers are looking to see that the beach resort they’ll stay in would be able to accommodate them safely and so ensuring the venue’s sanitation should belong to the top of the fore.

Beach resorts should take advantage of social media platforms to get their COVID-19 messaging across the public. For example, they could put a message banner on their website. The message may contain information on what the resort is doing, in terms of COVID-19 efforts. The message should also be able to let the public know when the resort can finally resume their operations.


Create useful content

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Another way for beach resorts to market their services around this time is by creating useful content. Due to the unprecedented circumstances we live in, there really isn’t much for people to do when it comes to navigating their spaces. Because of the lockdown, their mobility has been limited in areas. Depending on the kind of quarantine imposed in the particular location, the public can leave their homes only to procure essential items.

Keeping this in mind, beach resorts can adapt by instead bolstering their online presence. They can create content that people can consume and make use of around this time. For example, they can put up blogs on their website that contain useful information on keeping oneself hygienic around this time. These blogs should also serve as a reassurance to their potential customers that they would still be able to deliver on their services after the lockdown has been lifted. These blogs should also inform their customers what the beach resort management is doing for COVID-19 relief efforts if there are any.


Key Takeaway

A way for beach resorts to maintain their online presence is through using some of the most effective marketing tips during COVID-19. Due to the limited movement, there wouldn’t really be many people who would be booking beach resort hotel rooms. As such, through simple ways such as offering their assistance to the community and creating useful content, beach resorts can already greatly help.

The guide above has hopefully provided you a starting point on how you can market your beach resort during this time.

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