Be One with Nature in Luxury Resorts in Batangas

Be one with nature in luxury resorts in Batangas as you dive in with a variety of marine wildlife and colorful coral reefs. Choose to avail of world-class accommodations such as comfortable suites surrounded by blooming flora. Sit on the shoreline and experience the stars twinkling in the night sky with your loved ones.

These luxury resorts aim to further guide you through your nature getaway. Their specially designed suites are made to provide maximum comfort with a gorgeous view. Delicious treats, dishes, and drinks made by professional chefs and bartenders are available to order at any time of the day. And in terms of adventure, these resorts are highly knowledgeable on the must-see spots around the area.

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Becoming One with Nature in Batangas with Azure

All of these are possible with trusted beach resorts in Batangas such as Azure. Avail of even more outstanding facilities and amenities by choosing to stay in this luxury resort. Relax with spa treatments done by professionals, sip on a fruit shake while enjoying the infinity pool, or maybe just have an exciting staycation.

Here are some of the other features of Azure that will bring you closer to nature:

Lounging Areas

Once you enter the beach resort of Azure, you will see the various lounging areas found around it. These are open-aired, allowing the cool sea breeze to flow through. You can order fresh fruit shakes from the resort to enjoy a sweet treat as you lounge around and enjoy watching the waves roll in. Take some pictures with your friends and family with the brightly lit sky to make lasting memories.

Hiking and Trekking

Azure has a number of activities prepared for their guests to avail of and enjoy such as diving and island hopping. However, they are also situated just a short distance away from the mountains perfect for hiking and trekking. Tag along your friends and family to get some exercise in and to experience some jaw-dropping sights once you reach the peak. Make sure you enjoy a hearty breakfast before starting the climb. Ask the front desk of your resort for the aid of a guide in order for you to finish your climb safely.

Batangas is home to a variety of beach resorts that are located right beside the shoreline. Luxury resorts such as Azure offer additional services such as kayaks and other water sports to further enhance your experience.

Have Fun at the Beach

Luxury resorts in Batangas are situated and planned around the beach. Certain resorts such as Azure have acquired their own private beach to allow its guests to enjoy all the benefits of their stay. Looking for a quick beach getaway with your friends and family? Batangas will give you a variety of options to choose from.

Here are some of the other features of Azure that will make sure you have fun at the beach:


Splash around Azure’s private beach with your loved ones. Take it up a notch by bringing goggles and other snorkeling equipment to take a closer look at the marine biodiversity found underwater. Or play games with your loved ones such as seeing who can skip a rock the most times on the water. Enjoy the Batangas water in peace with the safety measures provided by luxury beach resorts.


Want to further explore more of the water? Rent out a kayak from your luxury beach resort. Pair up with your best friend and race with your other friends to see who can reach a certain point first. Or simply just relax and watch the sunset within the comfort and tranquility of a kayak.

Island Hopping

Batangas is home to several islands that you can visit by availing of the island hopping options of your luxury resort. Visit secluded islands near the luxury beach resort of Azure such as the Sombrero, Verde, and Maricaban Islands. Make sure to fully charge your phone beforehand and bring a power bank in order for you to take many pictures to remember these one-of-a-kind locations.

Get even closer to the diverse marine life that Batangas has to offer by swimming amidst them at prime diving spots around the area. There are a number of options that you can choose from to swim amongst the colorful corals of the area.

Swim Amidst Marine Life at Prime Diving Spots

The Philippines is part of the Coral Triangle, which is the richest shallow water environments around the world. Researchers from all over the world flock to beaches to discover more species of marine wildlife. Luxury resorts in Batangas can provide you with easy access to this exceptional biodiversity.

Here are some of the other features of luxury beach resorts regarding their beaches:

Luzon’s Premiere Dive Destination

Azure is located in Anilao, Batangas which is known as “Luzon’s Premiere Dive Destination.” It is home to approximately 287 types of coral, all with their unique color and characteristics. It is also home to various types of marine life such as the clownfish, the pufferfish, and even sea slugs. Due to these, the area has been considered one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Dive with A Guide

Dive resorts in Batangas are among the main attractions of this location. You can avail of Azure Beach Resorts diving services to experience the beauty of what lies underwater. To dive, you will need to be certified in order to ensure your protection. Certain luxury resorts are home to a 12-feet diving pool that is used to prepare guests for diving certification. The proper gear and equipment are also provided by these resorts to teach you how to properly use it. You will also be taught what to do in case any accidents or malfunctions end up happening with your equipment.

Once you have finished with your water activities, your body may feel tired and tense. Avail of the spa treatments of your luxury resort to place your mind and your body at ease.

Relax with Spa Treatments

To give you an even more relaxing experience, resorts in Batangas have many spa treatments and services that you can avail of. These amenities are handled by professional masseuses to fully relax your body after a long day. Inhale essential oils to help you clear your mind and let these oils slowly soak and soothe your body.

Here are some of the other features of Azure that will help you relax with spa treatments:


Aromatherapy is a type of healing that makes use of natural extracts from plants in order to promote your well-being. Another term for this methodology is essential oil therapy. These aromatic essential oils are absorbed through your sense of smell as well as your skin. Aromatherapy is said to have been able to enhance physical and emotional health.

Open Air Massage at The Tree House

Luxury Batangas beach resorts such as Azure have the option for you to receive a massage in an open-air treehouse. Enhance your relaxation with the soothing sounds of crashing waves. A massage will relax, energize, and relieve your body from tension. It is also known to be able to improve people’s physical and emotional conditions.

Want to take a break from the saltiness of the sea? Relax even more by trying out the luxury swimming pools found around beach resorts in the area.

Swim at a Luxury Swimming Pool

Once tides get too high at beach resorts in Batangas, you can transfer with your friends and family to their swimming pool. Bring along inflatables for your children to float on and play with while in the pool. Take note that each luxury beach resort has its own specifications and styles to their swimming pools, so make sure to do your research well to find the ones best fit for you.

Here are some of the features of Azure that will make sure you have fun in their pool:

Infinity Pool

Azure is home to a long infinity pool that will give you a visual representation of a never-ending sea. Relax and watch the sunset from the comforts of their luxurious swimming pool with a cool fruit shake in hand. This pool is free for you to enjoy with your family, friends, and other loved ones. Have some fun under the sun with Azure’s infinity pool.

Take Pictures At The Cabanas

The infinity pool is also located right beside breezy cabanas. These are spaces where you can leave your things to ensure their safety. You can also hang out with your loved ones in these cabanas to feel the tropical vibe of your vacation. Feel the cool breeze, smell the salty seawater, and watch the calming waves come in.

Enjoy Food

Luxury resorts such as Azure offer an all-inclusive stay. This means that all meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even including snacks are included in the price that you will originally pay. Order some food and drinks to be brought to your cabana to refuel after you get tired from swimming.

If you are looking to spend your vacation in isolation, you may choose to hold a staycation in your luxury beach resort. These amenities are fully equipped with gadgets and other trinkets to help make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Have an Exciting Staycation

Want to spend your vacation alone? Well, amenities at luxury resorts in Batangas have a variety of activities and lounging areas in your room that you can avail of. Relax on your bed or one of the comfortable couches while using your mobile device. Rent out DVDs and catch up on the latest blockbuster hits. Or just simply hang out and enjoy the view alone in your private veranda.

Here are some of the other features of Azure that will make sure you have a fun staycation:


Azure houses 13 exclusive boutique suites of various shapes and sizes. Each room is designed to maximize the space available to provide guests with the most comfortable experience. It also includes comfortable beds, couches, a television set, and a fully stocked bathroom with soap, shampoo, and body lotion.

Wi-Fi Internet Access and Television Set

Spend your staycation catching up on the latest blockbuster movies with the widescreen television set that comes in every room at Azure. Rent out a DVD from the resort’s impressive collection or connect to the Wi-Fi internet access to stream your favorite films.

Private Veranda

Take in the sights and sounds of Batangas within the privacy of your very own Private Veranda. Each of these comes with an exquisite view of the beach and a clear view of the Batangas sky. At night, play some card games with your friends as you sip on refreshing fruit shakes to enjoy the rest of the day.

These are just some of the ways that you can be one with nature at luxury resorts in Batangas such as Azure. Take note of these factors as you look for the luxury resort perfect for you and your loved ones.

Experience The Ultimate Nature Getaway with Azure!

Luxury resorts in Batangas are equipped with high-quality facilities and amenities to further your beach experience and ensure that you become one with nature. Spa treatments are available to be enjoyed on the beachside for a more serene experience. Diving equipment and proper guides are available at diving spots to help you explore the waters safely. And they are strategically situated close to the shoreline in order to give their guests easy access to the water.

Choose a luxury resort in Batangas for a quick getaway from the stress of city life.

Avail of world-class accommodations to give you the utmost comfort.

Be one with nature by diving in with vast varieties of marine wildlife.

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