Feel at Home in a Resort Near Manila

Redefining the “Getaway Experience”

Typically, getaways are just short vacations usually done over the weekend. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life is a vital component of working life. It is no surprise that getaways almost always refer to resorts near and around Manila.

Getting away from your usual responsibilities and relaxing somewhere preferably out of the city comes with certain expectations. Bright, sunny, sandy, nature-filled, etc. are just some of the words that probably come to mind when you think of getaways and vacations. However, your ideal getaway should not be limited to those alone. An underrated element that comes with vacations is the comfort that it brings you.

When you go on a quick getaway at your favorite resort near Manila, you should always feel comfortable. After all, what is the point of a getaway if you fail to literally “get away” from the stresses and pressures of life in the first place?

Normally, your home should be enough for that purpose, but as you yourself have probably encountered, that simply is not the case these days. For whatever reason, whether it’s take-home work or your boss or co-workers calling you outside work hours, coming home from work doesn’t feel as pleasant and relaxing anymore.

This emphasizes the importance of vacations and their ability to make you feel comfortable and take your mind off of the stress of daily life. Keep that in mind, as well as these next few topics we’ll be discussing to make it even easier for you to choose an ideal destination for your next getaway escapade.

A Personal Sanctuary Away From The City

Sanctuaries are serene, sacred places where you are supposed to feel calm and at ease. Religious and spiritual precepts aside, a sanctuary can just be a relaxing place where you can stay to appreciate your surroundings and the positive things in your life. The ideal sanctuary needs to have a good balance of nature: water, land, air, and fire. Nothing evokes serenity and relaxation better than listening to the waves of the ocean, hearing the rustling of the trees, taking in the warmth of a hearth, and feeling the wind breeze past you. A big plus if you can experience a combination of all four at once. 

If you have a place you consider your personal sanctuary, then you’d understand why this is an important characteristic for ideal resorts near Manila.

Delicious Local Food

A getaway or a vacation away from the city presents an opportunity for you to try wonderful local cuisines. The Metro is often considered a melting pot of delicacies because it has the most people. It usually has the most tourists and expats as well. This means there are countless different dishes available to suit different cultural and racial palates.

Considering the fact that fast food is also one of the most popular outlets of food consumption for most city dwellers, the opportunities to enjoy home-cooked local recipes and meals are somewhat limited. This further accentuates the previously mentioned underrated aspect of ‘homeliness’ when it comes to having short vacations in a resort.

Filipino cuisine is big on the use of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fish is also a core element as well as stewed pork and beef. That being said, do not miss out on the chance to have a must-try serving of locally sourced fresh fruit shakes and juices on an out of town escapade (mango shake is quite popular.)

Salads with vegetables grown from local farms should also be on your radar when scouring the menu of restaurants in and around resorts near Manila. For fish, make sure to look out for Lapu-Lapu, Bangus and other well known Filipino seafood in order to have a healthy, but yummy gastronomic adventure out-of-town.

Simple but Elegant Amenities

Following the theme of finding home-like comfort, simple amenities could be the key to having an enjoyable and comfortable getaway experience. Having the aforementioned balance of natural elements (water, land, and air) is more than enough to make up for the lack of lavish and extravagant amenities.

Quality Lodging

Most resorts near Manila are known for quality lodging with decent aesthetic value and impeccable cleanliness. Complimented by good service and free access to (preferably fast) WiFi, lodging shouldn’t be a problem for most vacationers and getaway enthusiasts. The real test begins when the bugs start coming out.

Mosquitoes and flies are more abundant and active in tropical countries. This poses a challenge to resort-goers and management alike. True quality lodging should have the necessary defenses and countermeasures against the forces of nature whether its the weather or the insects. 

Infinity Pool

The emergence of infinity pools in the past decade or so has massively improved the appeal of resorts far and wide. Sure, a normal swimming pool is fun and refreshing, but the visual aspect of an infinity pool overlooking a big body of water such as an ocean or lake is pretty awesome. When looking for a potential destination for your long weekend vacation, make sure to be on the lookout for infinity pools. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Most of the time, normal swimming pools just don’t compare.

Scuba Diving

If an infinity pool isn’t enough to satisfy your water-loving tendencies, then scuba diving and snorkeling should be an offering you are on the lookout for. Do take note that only a few select dive resorts in Batangas and other areas are situated in suitable spots for said diving and snorkeling.

A unique experience, scuba diving allows you to enjoy and observe marine wildlife in a way you simply cannot recreate outside of the water. This is why the resorts that do offer these as an amenity are special and worthy of your attention.

Cabana/Lounge Areas

Where do you go when you’re done swimming and having fun under the sun, but still want to enjoy the fresh air and beauty that nature offers? That’s what a lounge is for, and most resorts near Manila have a cabana for this purpose.

Cabanas are special because you can relax there with your friends and family. You can also use it as a drinking and smoking area if you’re out with your buddies. Many fun moments come when a bit of liquor is involved. The cabana is your friend in that regard because it helps facilitate that and other recreational activities. If you are on the more wholesome side of things, a board or card game is also fun to play in a cabana. Just make sure that you’re dry so you avoid ruining your game materials.

Multi-purpose Function Rooms

This amenity is quite undervalued in terms of availability because the target market of most resorts is family vacationers and the like. What most people don’t realize is that vacations and getaways are also possible with your workmates and bosses. This comes in the form of team-building programs and activities that most organizations offer to their members.

In that regard, a function room is a simple and yet elegant amenity that is a must for any resort. Team-building events that happen out of town are often more fun and fulfilling experiences for everyone involved. This is because they enhance the relations among co-workers and helps define roles within respective teams. Aside from that, it lets members of the company or organization see each other in a more intimate setting (something that is not common in the workplace), making it a good avenue for the development of healthy and stable relationships.

Beyond team-building and the realm of the professional world, function rooms can also help facilitate important events in a given person’s life. Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and bachelor parties are not out of the question when it comes to an out-of-town escapade. Having a function room or two makes your experience more enjoyable and complete.

Experience A Getaway That Feels Just Like Home With Azure

If you agree with us and consider the features and elements mentioned above important, then Vivere Azure might be the resort for you! Located in the mountainside area of Anilao, Batangas, the family rest-house turned resort is one of the best resorts near Manila and is the perfect location for your personal, family or work-related getaways.

Azure is a beach resort near Manila that boasts a beautiful home style set-up for lodging. Choose from a selection of 13 splendid suites with varying sizes and styles tailored to your preferences. It also boasts its beautiful, grand infinity pool that overlooks the blue ocean waters. For those interested and with enough resources, a private beach experience can also be arranged. 

If a good food experience is a concern of yours, then Azure’s in-house restaurant has got you covered. Home-cooked Filipino style recipes are their specialty, and they use locally produced ingredients when available. Your tummy will definitely be happy during your stay in Azure.

If that wasn’t enough, Anilao itself is the birthplace and capital of scuba diving in the Philippines. Naturally, Azure is also a place where you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, and do other water sports such as kayaking.

Azure has a perfect balance of nature’s elements that you and your party are sure to enjoy. This private paradise is just 2 hours away from Manila. For inquiries, reservations and more information click here.

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