Tips for Planning an All-Girls Weekend Getaway to the Beach

What are the steps in planning an all-girls weekend beach getaway?

  1. Plan in Advance
  2. Search for a Great Venue
  3. Find the Best Package Deals
  4. Plan the Budget and Stick to It
  5. Plan New Activities
  6. Make Sure to Pack Essential Gadgets


Resort venues for team buildings in Batangas remain a great location for a family vacation and an all-girls weekend getaway. These resorts are well aware of the hottest trends in travel which enables them to produce the best deals and promo packages for groups that wish to visit. With all that, here are some tips to put together an all-girls’ getaway.


Plan in Advance

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When planning an all-girls weekend getaway to the beach, you must plan weeks or even months ahead. You have to face the fact that, each member of the group might have prior plans already set. After everyone has already joined in on the getaway, make sure to follow up again after a week and until the last one before the weekend getaway. Do this to confirm if there is anyone in the group who needs to back out. In case half the group backs out, you will have to reschedule the entire vacation.

Planning in advance and following up will enable you to know when is the best date to book your accommodations for the trip. Failing to plan and follow up with the girls’ attendance can lead to a getaway disaster. There is nothing more frustrating than being hyped with the complete presence of everyone, only to go on the trip with less than half of the group.


Search for a Great Venue

When searching for a great venue for a weekend beach getaway, make sure to look for accommodations that encourage togetherness. Booking three hotel suites on different floors can ruin the essence of the beach trip. Choose to book the largest suite so that everyone will stay in the same room. Moreover, nobody will be missing out on the most hilarious parts of an all-girls sleepover. Look for resort suites with spaces or balconies for quiet time and heart-to-heart conversations. Ideally, the best location should provide your group with ample space to move around the suite and large and comfy couches. A comfy couch is a prerequisite! Girls spend a lot of time talking with each other and a comfortable couch helps facilitate the simple, yet special activity.


Find the Best Package Deals

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The moment the idea of a weekend beach getaway crosses your mind, make sure to find the best package deals before pitching the trip to your girlfriends. With great deals on hand, they will surely be tempted to say yes to you! Contact the resort you are planning to visit to let them know your plans. With this, the resort can better serve your requirements, give you the best suite to accommodate all your friends, and you might even receive free perks and amenities.

Plan the Budget and Stick to It

An all-girls weekend beach getaway is not always about a packed itinerary. It is more about having all your friends reunited, without anyone feeling left out because of budget constraints. When planning a budget, ask the girls for the amount they are willing to shell out for the trip. With this, you will be able to plan the budget of the trip and set the itinerary depending on the person with the least contribution.

If everyone is only willing to spend so little, make sure to place the budget for the place where you will stay. Staying in one suite and bonding over drinks can sometimes be more precious than trying to do extreme activities within a 2-day weekend getaway. Finally, make sure you stick to the budget. A small percentage of the overall budget trip should be for emergency purposes. With this, you will never have to worry about spending more money than you can.


Plan New Activities

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While talking with your friends remains one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling with them, do not let the couches completely consume your time. Make plans ahead to ensure there will be activities to do aside from the endless chitchats. Most dive resorts in Batangas offer the best water activities. From freediving, snorkeling, and island hopping, you and your girlfriends will never run out of things to do. Depending on the budget you set, you can plan new activities you have never tried before. If the budget is tight, you can go for games that you can play inside the resort suite or outdoor games at the beachside. Finally, sharing drinks and chips while watching the ocean, taking great pictures, and just taking the time to relax.


Make Sure to Pack Essential Gadgets

Regardless of whether you are traveling out-of-the-country or at a local beach resort, make sure to pack all of your essential carry-on gadgets. These gadgets will upgrade every part of your trip. While you indulge in the scenery, do not forget to capture every moment. Here are some of the essential gadgets and devices to pack with you.

  • Universal plug adapter
  • Portable phone charger
  • Car charger
  • Waterproof phone case
  • Pocket Wi-Fi


Key Takeaway

There is no one perfect definition for an all-girls getaway. Although, getaways are usually limited to weekends as opposed to a vacation. With that, you must be able to seamlessly plan the trip to make the most out of it. Choose to visit beach resorts that cater to team buildings in Batangas to receive large group accommodations. Take note, having separate suites can ruin the essence of bonding. Make sure to let the resort know your plans so they can tailor-fit their services to your requirements and prepare the place for your arrival.

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