Minimalist Backpacking Guide for Your Next Beach Vacation

What are some ways to pack lightly for a beach vacation?

  1. Make an Inventory List
  2. Evaluate Each Item in the List
  3. Assess Your Willingness to Do Laundry
  4. Pack Clothes That Can Be Worn Twice
  5. Repack Liquid Essentials


From decluttering closets to living in tiny and sustainable homes, minimalism has become a huge trend around the world. The minimalist way of packing entails bringing only the things that would have immediate use for you. If you normally bring two to three bikinis for a weekend trip to the beach, then consider only a single pair if you want to try minimalist backpacking. Apart from learning to bring clothes that can be used more than once, here is a packing guide you should consider for hassle-free and light travel.


Make an Inventory List

If you are planning to ditch the luggage or any wheeled bags and stick to shoulder-carry or backpacks, then it is high time that you reassess the things that are essential to you. See if you can live without having plenty of clothes to change into, having a single and all-in-one skincare product, as well as repackaging hygiene items. For those who wish to try out minimalist backpacking, here is a basic packing checklist applicable for a weekend beach getaway.

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A pair of bikinis or one-piece bathing suits
  • A pair of sandals
  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Hat
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Underwear
  • Hygiene items like travel-sized toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, and conditioners, as well as body soap
  • Pajamas


Evaluate Each Item in the List

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Lay out everything you’d consider bringing on a weekend beach getaway. You must segregate the items that you are definitely using from the ones that are for emergency purposes. Items that are for “just in case” include umbrellas and small first aid kits. Of course, if you have definites for use and just in case items, you must also consider the body essentials included in the beach resort’s lodging. If they provide shampoo, conditioners, lotions, soaps, and hairdryer, then you should think of removing them from your vanity kit.

Moreover, you must evaluate each piece of clothing you wish to pack. Can each clothing item be worn multiple times, or at least paired with the rest of your outfit? Take note, your goal is to fit everything in a backpack. Packing pieces of clothing that can only be worn once is wasting space.


Assess Your Willingness to Do Laundry

You must assess your willingness to do laundry after a weekend trip. If doing the laundry after a relaxing beach vacation sounds like a bad idea to cap off an awesome trip, then it is time you consider packing only what you need. It is easy to fit three days’ worth of clothes in a backpack. The minimalist travel solution for longer vacations is to be willing to do laundry in the middle of it. You can either wash your own items on the sink or look for a local laundromat. To speed up the process of doing laundry, pack clothes that are made of quick-drying fabrics.


Pack Clothes That Can Be Worn Twice

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If doing the minimalist travel solution of doing laundry in the midday of the vacation, then consider packing clothes that do not require to be washed every time they are worn. These are pieces of clothing with antimicrobial properties that keep garments odor-free through several days of wear. Antimicrobial clothing should also be able to protect your skin from rashes caused by water or airborne bacteria. These properties prevent foul-smelling bacteria from building up.


Repack Liquid Essentials

Apart from packing body essentials that serve multiple purposes, it is also better to bring with you smaller amounts of them. Consider all the spaces that you are able to free up inside your backpack to have a small squeeze container of shampoo and conditioner instead of a large 900ml bottle. Aside from space, your carryon should also weigh less without the huge bottles of body essentials. Here are some of the skin essentials that you can repack into smaller containers.

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Liquid body soap
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Face wash
  • Lotion
  • Gel
  • Betadine
  • Alcohol


Key Takeaway

The minimalist packing guide will require you to evaluate and reduce the number of items in your bag. If you think you are the type to want to pack plenty of clothes for changing, then you must reconsider minimalist backpacking. The amount of clothes you have for OOTDs will dictate whether minimalist traveling is for your lifestyle or not. On a final note, make sure to take backpacking slowly. If you are used to packing five tops or a weekend beach getaway, reduce it to four. Until you only need two tops for the weekend trip.

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