Why You Should Choose a Batangas Beach Resort Near Manila for a Quick Getaway

Looking for a quick getaway to a beach resort near Manila?

Batangas may just be the perfect place for you.

Batangas is home to a number of beaches that are accessible via a variety of transportation options. You could choose to take your own vehicle for an approximately 3-hour drive or take one of the commuting options via bus or taxi.

Once you arrive, you will be able to explore several historical sites and landmarks. You will also be introduced to many local dishes that will surely be a delight to your senses. Experience thrilling water sports found within various beaches in Batangas. And enjoy the world-class amenities found in luxury beach resorts found all around the area.

Make the most out of your quick getaway by exploring gorgeous sights and experiencing exciting activities at a beach resort near Manila such as Azure.

There Are a Variety Of Transportation Options

In order to reach your dream beach resort near Manilafor a quick getaway, you will need to know your transportation options. Batangas is an ideal choice as it has a variety of transportation means coming from all over the Metro that can easily get you to the beachside in a few hours. Here are a few ways that you can get to Batangas:

By Private Car

Time: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

Price: Approximately PHP460-PHP700 for gas

  1. Get on Metro Manila Skyway in Makati from Quezon Blvd/R-8, Carlos Palanca, San Marcelino St, United Nations Ave and S Luzon Expy/Osmeña Hwy/R-3
  2. Take R-3 and Calabarzon Expy/STAR Tollway to Bauan – Batangas Provincial Rd/Diversion Road in Batangas
  3. Continue on Bauan – Batangas Provincial Rd. Drive to P. Burgos in Poblacion
  4. You will have arrived in Batangas!

By Bus

Time: 3 Hours, 45 Minutes

Price: PHP145-PHP230

  1. Get on Doroteo Jose LRT and get off at Gil Puyat LRT
  2. Transfer to the Jam Liner Buendia Bus Terminal going to the Batangas Grand Terminal
  3. You will have arrived in Batangas!

By Bus To Lipa

Time: 3 Hours, 25 Minutes

Price: PHP200-PHP305

  1. Get on Doroteo Jose LRT and get off at Gil Puyat LRT
  2. Transfer To The Jam Liner Buendia Bus Terminal Going To The Lipa Bus Stop
  3. Transfer to the bus from Lipa City going to Batangas Grand Terminal
  4. You will have arrived in Batangas!

By Taxi

Time: 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

Price: PHP1600-PHP2000

  1. Get on Metro Manila Skyway in Makati from Quezon Blvd/R-8, Carlos Palanca, San Marcelino St, United Nations Ave and S Luzon Expy/Osmeña Hwy/R-3
  2. Take R-3 and Calabarzon Expy/STAR Tollway to Bauan – Batangas Provincial Rd/Diversion Road in Batangas
  3. Continue on Bauan – Batangas Provincial Rd. Drive to P. Burgos in Poblacion
  4. You will have arrived in Batangas!

Once you have safely planned out the perfect route for you to Batangas, you can start planning your trip. One of the sights that you can explore within the city are the various historical sites and landmarks within it.

Explore Historical Sites and Landmarks

Batangas has been an established town throughout a number of centuries. It has seen the evolution of the Philippines, which is apparent in the vast historical sites and landmarks available for you to explore today. Situated just a short distance away from your beach resort near Manila are shrines, ancestral homes, and churches that have withstood the test of time.

Mabini Shrine, Tanauan City

The Mabini Shrine is found in the province of Batangas within Barangay Talaga, Tanauan City. The shrine celebrates the life and achievements of revolutionary leader Apolinario Mabini. The area includes a museum, a library, and Mabini’s actual tomb. The museum holds the late leader’s personal belongings such as his wheelchair, eyeglasses, and other memorabilia safely kept behind glass walls. The library holds books that were written by and about the popular revolutionary.

San Sebastian Cathedral, Lipa City

The San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa City was chosen as the official seat of the bishop in 1910. It has since been appointed as the archdiocese who facilitates the parishes and churches in its surrounding municipalities and cities. The unique factor about this church’s design is that it was constructed in the grandeur style of the Romanesque tradition. With a wide circular dome, giant walls, balconies, columns, and arches. The church also has a bell tower outside of it, which is also decorated with hand-painted designs.

Casa de Segunda, Lipa City

Casa de Segunda is the ancestral house of the prominent Luz-Katigbak family. It was named after national hero Jose Rizal’s first love, Segunda Solis Katigbak. The home itself has been well-maintained and has been able to preserve the Spanish architectural style popular back then. Stonework, patterns, and colored diamond-shaped tile floors line the well-preserved home. Found within the home are artifacts that give you a depiction of the lifestyle of the old prominent families of Batangas.

When you have finished your exploration of Philippine historical sites, you would have surely worked up an appetite. Refuel with distinct Batangueno dishes that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Taste Delicious Treats

A quick getaway at a beach resort near Manila would not be complete without some delicious food. Batangas is home to a variety of local dishes whose recipes have been perfected over the years. Some are one-of-a-kind to Batangas while others are variations of previously existing recipes. Experience authentic Filipino dishes with a unique twist in restaurants all over the city.

Batangas Lomi

What makes Batangas Lomi different from the rest? The lomi houses found along the main roads of Batangas are home to a type of lomi that is thick and gooey, unlike its lighter counterparts all over the country. Soy sauce is also mixed into the Batangas Lomi, giving it a dark brown color. Each lomi house boasts its own secret recipes to give their lomi a unique factor. Prepare to get served a saucer of soy sauce, calamansi, and chili on the side of your Batangas Lomi.


Another unique dish in Batangas is Taghilaw, which is made of pork innards. These are slowly stewed in a mixture of vinegar, chili, and black pepper. While it may look intimidating, one bite will give you a burst of flavor. Take note that this dish is made with large green chilis which means that you should prepare your tastebuds for a slight hint of spice.

Tapang Taal

Another pork dish popular in Batangas is its famous Tapang Taal. This jerked pork is a sweeter variation of the traditional beef tapa known around the country. It is also extremely garlicky and is more often than not served with egg and rice. Tapang Taal is not easily found outside the Batangas area, so make sure to thoroughly enjoy every bite during your stay.

Once you have refueled, you can further explore other parts of Batangas such as its popular beaches. Another reason as to why you should choose Batangas for your quick getaway is because of its thrilling variety of water sports and diverse marine life. Swim amidst a sea of fishes and corals or ride one of the heart-racing water rides.

Experience Thrilling Activities in The Sea

Have some fun at your quick getaway in a beach resort near Manila by trying out their thrilling water activities. Swim amongst the flourishing wildlife of Batangas at one of the luxury beach resorts found around the area. From diving, kayaking, to island hopping, you will surely find an ideal beach resort that can cater to your adventurous side.


Many Batangas beach resorts accommodate diving and snorkeling. The Philippines is found within the world’s coral triangle, which is where marine biodiversity is in its richest form. Specifically, in Batangas, some resorts allow you to dive headfirst into the rich water. Observe the most colorful types of reefs in the entire world in the waters of Batangas. Resorts also offer snorkeling activities for those who are not confident enough to go diving just yet.

Island Hopping

The waters of Batangas are home to a number of islands, each with its own fun activities and delicacies to try. Some beaches are rocky, some have cream sand, and others are surrounded by local species of trees. Get your camera ready as you explore through islands in Batangas that will surely give you a memorable experience. Sit back and watch the sunset on an isolated island.

Water Sports

Kayaks, banana boats, and jet skis, you name it, Batangas has got it. Raise your adrenaline levels with these exciting water sports found in a number of beach resorts around the area. Hold on for your life in a banana boat or a fly fish tugged by a high-speed boat. Or explore the waters of Batangas at your own pace by renting out a kayak or a jet ski.

Once you have finished your long day of exploring historical sites, trying out new Batangueno dishes, and swimming with the fishes, choose to relax in high-quality resorts in Batangas.

Find High-Quality Resorts to Stay In

Complete your quick getaway at beach resorts near Manilaby staying in a luxury beach resort such as Azure. Besides high-quality accommodations, you will be granted access to high-quality facilities and amenities such as spas and a swimming pool.


Azure’s luxury amenities will put you just a few steps away from the shoreline. Feast your eyes on rooms with a tropical design made of light materials and stone. Rest comfortably with a gorgeous view of the clear Batangas sky. Try out their Superior Ocean View Suite, Deluxe Ocean View Suite, or their Premiere Suite. Explore the various offerings Azure has to provide you and your loved ones with the appropriate amenities.


Relax from your busy life in the city with Azure’s aromatherapy and spa treatments. Soothe your body with a relaxing massage by a professional masseuse. Choose to get your massage done in the privacy of your own suite or out in a breezy Cabana right by the beachside. Check out the different spa services available at luxury resorts such as Azure to discover your preferences.

Swimming Pool

Want to take a break from the salty water of the sea? Try out Azure’s luxury infinity pool which faces the Maricaban islands. Watch the sun turn into different shades of pink and purple as it sets with a cold fruit cocktail in hand. Get some exercise in by doing a few laps around the pool or bring some inflatables to have an even more fun experience.

These are just some of the reasons as to why you should choose a Batangas beach resort such as Azure for your quick getaway. Make the most out of your quick nature getaway by staying in a world-class beach resort.

Enjoy Your Quick Nature Getaway at Azure!

Escape the overwhelming cityscape with a quick getaway to a beach resort near Manila. The right place will be a short drive away, with numerous activities and sights for you to explore, as well as luxury amenities for you to stay in.

Easily reach gorgeous resorts in Batangas within a few short hours via private car, taxi, or bus. Take your time exploring historical sites and landmarks that authentically capture Philippine history. Be adventurous and try out local delicacies to experience a new burst of flavor. Swim amidst a variety of different marine life at beaches around the area. And finally, complete your experience of Batangas by staying in luxury beach resorts such as Azure.

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