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8 Benefits of Beach Yoga

What are the benefits of performing yoga at the beach?

  1. Escape Your Comfort Zone
  2. Be in Tune with Nature
  3. Practice Balance On the Sand
  4. Receive Vitamins from the Sun
  5. Induce Creativity and Relaxation
  6. Improve Posture and Muscles
  7. Prettier Yoga Snapshots
  8. Cool Off in the Water

In Batangas, the best beach resorts are known for snorkeling, freediving, and island hopping. While these activities would never get boring no matter how many times you have done them, there are still other ways to enjoy the beach. One of which is yoga. It might sound crazy to do yoga at the beach because of the unstable sand surface but you would be surprised by its associated benefits. Here are some of them listed.

Escape Your Comfort Zone

Performing yoga in a place you are unused to is a way to escape your comfort zone. Sooner or later you will be tired of doing yoga in studios. Before you get tired of the activity, change your environment. Travel to the nearest beach and learn how to balance the sand. This will help you look at the yoga activity through different eyes.

Be in Tune with Nature

Be in Tune with Nature

With your busy life in the city, it is important to withdraw yourself and commune with nature. Working every day can be consuming. Tasks and responsibilities become redundant and boring. Find inspiration again and perform weekend yoga at the beach. The benefits of doing yoga at the beach are endless. Exercising outdoors becomes fruitful, especially when you are near the ocean. Allow your body to pick the rhythm of the crashing waves of water, feel the warmth of the wind and experience a whole different kind of serenity.

Practice Balance On the Sand

If you typically do yoga and practice difficult movements, you might find it more challenging to find balance on the sand. Nevertheless, you can easily adapt your movements to the contours of the sand. The sand is like a cushion; it will be gentler on your knees and joints. You will find it more convenient compared to a hard, wooden floor when performing perplexed sitting yoga positions. Greatly improving your overall balance is another significant factor that comes with doing yoga at the beach. Perform a triangle or tree position to test the sand and find your footing before trying tougher yoga poses and asanas.

Receive Vitamins from the Sun

Receive Vitamins from the Sun

Exercise done under the sun will give you a boost in vitamin D. The sunshine produces vitamin D, which the skin absorbs. Exposure to sunlight and obtaining vitamin D leads to efficient regulation of calcium and phosphate in the body. Having plenty of vitamin D in the body can make you feel happy, energized, and healthy. On the other hand, Vitamin D deficiency makes you more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Thus, doing yoga activities at the beach will help keep your bone and muscle health on point.

Induce Creativity and Relaxation

While physical activities in general are creative enhancers, exercising outside can improve the mind significantly. The area of the brain called the hippocampus is where the cells regenerate faster if exercise is performed. As much as yoga by the beach fosters creativity, it also provides deep relaxation. Within a short duration within one to two hours per day, you still experience the tranquil environment of the beach. This was discovered to relax the nervous system.

Improve Posture and Muscles

Improve Posture and Muscles

The soft cushion-like feel on the sand on the knees and joints greatly helps improve balance. Moreover, it promotes good posture. When you find your balance and hold a position, try putting your back and hips at certain angles. Make small adjustments to maintain the position and keep your posture aligned. In doing so, the muscles in your legs, core, and arms are being strengthened and more coordinated.

Prettier Yoga Snapshots

What better way to show off a challenging yoga pose than the ones you performed on the sand at the beach? Take your Instagram yoga photos to the next level with a scenic view of the best beach resort in Batangas. Make the yoga fitness world impressed with your ultimate tranquil weekend yoga getaway.

Cool Off in the Water

Cool Off in the Water

To cap off your beach yoga, cool off in the water. Instead of the usual shower after yoga class in the city, take a quick dip in the water. Afterwards, allow the air to dry you and relax in the sand for an hour or two to contemplate and extend the experience of a peaceful yoga session.

Key Takeaway

The benefits of doing yoga at the beach are very promising. You will never know the experience by just reading. Call it a day and turn your curiosity into reality. Leave the hustle and bustle of life and book your ticket to a beach resort in Batangasahead for a hassle-free yoga trip. Experience the refreshed, renewed and irreplaceable tranquility found when doing beach yoga. No matter the season, whether it is the peak or lean season, you will surely find rest and calmness.


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