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Why A Beach Staycation Should Be Your Next Anniversary Getaway

What are the reasons to celebrate an anniversary at the beach?

  1. Have a Romantic Candlelight Dinner
  2. Enjoy the Intimate Hotel Suite
  3. Experience a Couple Spa
  4. Great Adventures Await You

Celebrating an anniversary allows a couple to recollect the best memories of their relationship and recall the unexplainable feeling of having butterflies in the stomach. With the active lives you and your partner lead, you tend to devote less time to demonstrate affection towards each other. This alone is enough of a reason why you should spend a day or a week as a couple and celebrate your anniversary at a beach resort in Batangas.

Anniversary celebrations remain an excellent opportunity to prepare things for the future. Whether it is your first or golden anniversary, seize your alone-time together as a time to assess your relationship.

Have a Romantic Candlelight Dinner

There are plenty of reasons why candlelight dinners are arguably the most romantic dinner setups. One of which is the dim lighting that candles emit that delivers the body feel relaxed. With this, it is more effortless to slip into a romantic mood. Another is the candles create an intimate space. Since the light cast does not travel far, you and your partner will feel enclosed into your own little world within a pool of light.

You might have spent plenty of meals together but having a candlelight dinner by the beach rekindles the love you share with each other. If you think the spark and the fire burnt out between you and your partner, dinner by the beach with candles lit will surely bring back the young love you once shared. To make things more intimate and sensational, use lusciously scented candles.

Enjoy the Intimate Hotel Suite

Enjoy the Intimate Hotel Suite

After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than retiring at your hotel suite with a view of the ocean. Whether your suite is deluxe, premier or presidential, toast more wine to engross in deeper conversations.

While the suite may have a television, choose to watch the ocean. Savor every moment you share, for you will never know when the opportunity to take a break from life’s responsibilities arrives again. With complete amenities, you will surely find everything you need in your hotel suite. The dim lighting of hotel suites will give you a great night’s rest to recharge for the next day’s fun and romance-filled activities for you and your partner.

Experience a Couple Spa

What better way to spend the afternoon or cap off the night other than a couple’s spa? Share a luxurious and relaxing experience with a signature massage and receive a side-by-side treatment.

Spas are designed to release tension and loosen up the muscles and tendons, as well as smooth the skin, leaving you and your partner feeling deeply relaxed. The technique used in massaging releases plenty of feel-good hormones. One of which is the oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone”.

The combination of essential oils and holistic massage techniques will put you and your partner in a deep state of relaxation. To make it even more relaxing, share a bottle of wine as you talk about the great moments you had with each other or just enjoy the peaceful silence.

Great Adventures Await You

Great Adventures Await You

With all the great romantic opportunities beach resorts can provide you and your partner, why not take things to a whole new level of adventure? From diving, snorkeling, and island hopping to the stunning islands of Sepoc and Sombrero, you will never run out of areas in the resort to explore. Make sure to pack underwater gadgets with you to take great, memorable pictures of the underworld and the picturesque view of the island.

While romantic activities rekindle the spark between you and your partner, adventure is also a perfect setting for a different kind of sensation. The combination of adrenaline rush and the excitement of free-diving mimics the signs of fiery passion. The attraction increases when both your heart is pumping fast and your breath getting shorter.

Key Takeaway

Celebrating your anniversary is a way of telling each other that you have cherished the years you have spent together and are looking forward to more amazing years as a couple. Celebration strengthens any relationship, whether it has only been 5 years or more than a decade. It is important to give each other the credits for staying in a relationship and getting stronger each day to face adversities often experienced in marriage.

With work, kids, and life’s other demanding responsibilities, it is just right to take your anniversary the opportunity to rest, recharge, and rekindle the romance. There is nothing quite like an adventurous activity to put your relationship to the test. A little impending danger puts the two of you closer and working together. It does not matter whether you and your partner are adventure-seekers, lovers of anything comfortable and luxurious or old-school romantics, you will surely find something to do at the beach.


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