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5 Beach Etiquette to Keep Shore Clean and Safe

What are the things you should and should not do at the beach?

  1. Be Responsible for Your Own Trash
  2. Smoke Responsibly or Do Not Smoke
  3. Use Sunscreen That is Safe to Marine Life
  4. Fill in Your Sand Holes
  5. Keep Your Distance from Other Beachgoers

Beach resorts in Batangas serve as a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends or family. While you are enjoying, be aware of your cleanliness and orderliness. It is almost effortless to have fun and at the same time respect the beach and the beachgoers. From being responsible for your own trash to respecting other people’s space, here are the most common beach etiquette for every beachgoer.

Be Responsible for Your Own Trash

Waste that sits on the shore can end up in the ocean. Thousands of fish in the sea and their ecosystem are gradually being destroyed by humanity’s trash. More gigantic fish cannot filter what they eat from the sea. With this, chances are huge that they will digest plastic. Conversely, while smaller fish may not eat trash, they could very well end up getting stuck or entangled in it. Some of the most common trash found in the ocean and on the shore are plastic and beer bottles, diapers, wrappers, and plastic bags.

With all the beach cleanup drives that are being held, be sensitive enough to cooperate by means of keeping your own trash. Remember to put all your trash in the nearby trash cans or take it with you heading home. It is every beachgoers responsibility to keep the ocean and shore clean by taking care of their trash.

Smoke Responsibly or Do Not Smoke

First and foremost, do not smoke. Smoking leads to so many health-related problems that can prevent you from enjoying your life. It is perilous to your health, other people’s health and harmful to the environment. If you must smoke, be courteous and keep your cigarette butts off the beach and more importantly from the ocean. Smoke in designated areas. Most resorts maintain an allotted area for smoking. If there is none, make sure you have a plastic bag with you where cigarette butts will go.

Cigarette butts are dangerous and frustrating for beachgoers. There is nothing more annoying than feeling the sand beneath your toes only to be ruined by a single cigarette butt. Moreover, nobody enjoys secondhand smoke. Especially at the beach where people want to take in the fresh sea breeze.

Use Sunscreen That is Safe to Marine Life

Get rid of the sunscreen that merely states the amount of SPF and start using those that are coral and ocean-friendly. Your personal care products may be tainting the seas that poison the underwater ecosystem. Sunscreens contain chemicals that contribute to the pollution of seawater.

Avoid using sunscreens that contain petrolatum or mineral oil, violent content of titanium oxide, oxybenzone, and octinoxate. These minerals and chemicals take years to biodegrade. They are harmful and fatal to aquatic life. Oxybenzone and Octinoxate are chemicals known to cause coral bleaching. With this, make sure you purchase sunscreen protection lotions that are safe for the ocean the next time you shop for beach essentials.

Fill in Your Sand Holes

If you and your kids play a “fill-the-hole game” at the beach. Make sure to fill the hole in the sand before you leave to prevent any accidents. Some beachgoers might end up tripping over the hole and getting injured. Regardless of the depth of the sand hole, fill it back up with sand. By doing so, you not only help keep the beach safe but you also prevent losses in the sea turtle population.

Keep Your Distance from Other Beachgoers

Arguably, one of the most ignored etiquette is maintaining distance from other beachgoers. The beach may be a public place but it does not mean you can invade other people’s personal space. As a rule of thumb, never put your stuff near other beachgoer’s things. More importantly, never play Frisbee or catch near a group of beachgoers that are chilling by the shore. You can accidentally strike them with the Frisbee or the ball or flick sand to them.

As you learn to keep your distance, you will learn how to respect the ocean and the solemnity of the area. If you are looking for a peaceful beach trip, most beach resorts in Batangas are family-friendly.

Key Takeaway

“Leave nothing but your footprint”, these words are time and again seen at beaches. They remind beachgoers that whatever they bring to the beach should go with them when they leave. Except, of course, their footprints on the sand. Many beachgoers tend to forget or overlook beach etiquette because they see other people doing it. It is a chain reaction from one person to another. One way to alter the cycle is to set an admirable example. Be a responsible beachgoer and save the underwater ecosystem.


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